Ag Leader Introduces Electric Drive

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Ag Leader Technology is proud to introduce a new row-by-row electric drive product to its SeedCommand™ planter control line. The electric drive option will offer growers reliable individual seed shut-off, as well as precise, row-by-row control of planter performance to incorporate variable rate planting on a per row basis. It will provide the ability for growers to make instant adjustments … Read More

Farm Market iD Releases Harvest 2014 Data

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Farm Market iD has announced an update of it’s farm and land database to include the Harvest year 2014. At it’s most recent, FMiD’s proprietary fact-based database includes information for more than 402 million planted production acres. The land represents over 1.9 million individuals farming more than 1.4 million farms that generate $197 billion in gross farm income in the Harvest Year 2014. … Read More

New John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

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Quite a few new products were put on display for those of us in ag media this week. That includes three new models of the 8000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters. “We took the momentum from the 8000 Series rollout last year and added to an already stellar lineup of forage harvesters,” says Tim Meister, division manager, marketing with John Deere. … Read More

Low Propane Prices, Fuel Agreements Mean Savings

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Now is the time for producers to talk to their marketers about propane pricing, advises the Propane Education & Research Council.  Currently prices are low and fall harvest will be here soon. “With propane prices reaching near record lows and harvest and grain drying season right around the corner, now is a good time for producers to talk with their … Read More

News From Custom Harvesters at #AgMedia

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Mark Anderson and Dan Misner with U.S. Custom Harvesters (USCHI) had some news to share at the Ag Media Summit last week. First, Anderson says they just announced a new partnership with Ag in the Classroom to develop two curriculums using footage leftover from “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary. “These curriculums will focus on agribusiness, leadership and job opportunities … Read More

FarmLogs Introduces FarmLogs Flow at InfoAg

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FarmLogs co-founder and CEO, Jesse Vollmar, was present at the 2015 InfoAg Conference to share details about their recent announcement about FarmLogs Flow. The small plug-in hardware device is the first connected machine product to generate instant yield maps. “This announcement is about a way that we are extending and making our yield function even better for our customer base … Read More

Extreme Jobs to Follow Mystik Lube & Heil Harvesting

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Mystik® Lubricants, specializing in performance lubricants for automotive, on-road fleets, off-road and agriculture, is teaming up with Mark Heil Harvesting, a custom harvester in Ulysses, Kansas to tackle the day-to-day challenges of a large scale harvesting operation.  The two companies will show life on the road for the harvesting team, showcasing tough terrain and weather as they move through Texas, … Read More

FarmLink Highlights TrueHarvest at #Classic15

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Producers nationwide could have banked an extra $9.5 billion in revenues if they had gotten the full potential out of their ground. That was the message Brian Howard, Director of Program Development for FarmLink told attendees of this year’s Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona. He said his company’s new product, TrueHarvest, is a first-of-its-kind benchmarking tool that identifies significant opportunities … Read More

Hick Chick Chat: New Holland Offers New Combine

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New Holland introduces the CR6.80 Combine, a smaller combine with all the features of the larger models. The CR6.80, the newest addition to New Holland’s CR combine series, is a new model focused on the mixed farming operation engaged in both livestock and crop production. The CR6.80 provides a maximum 374 hp and is designed to work with grain heads … Read More