Six New Products From Ag Leader Technology

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Last week, Ag Leader Technology made a big splash by announcing their new precision farming technology collaboration with AutoFarm. Along with that big news, they also launched six new products. Here’s a brief look. INTEGRA™ Display • Rugged, moisture-resistant design featuring a 12.1-inch full-color touchscreen with high-definition mapping. • Core functionality includes: built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application … Read More

Precision Harvest: Don’t Stop Scouting

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With rain, early freeze and overall cool summer conditions, 2009 harvest has become very challenging for some parts of the Corn Belt. This week’s Integrated Crop Management e-newsletter from Iowa State University highlights issues that need attention. 1. Corn Quality Issues: – Frost-damaged corn often stops at 17-18% moisture (stopped at 20-22% in 2008 in Iowa). Expect low test weights … Read More

Harvest Data That Keeps On Giving

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Whether you’re a novice at collecting harvest data or an old pro who could wallpaper his office with yield maps and more—you understand that more data layers beyond yield are necessary to add management decision value. I talked to Bruce West this week, who helps growers adopt just about every precision farming solution imaginable through his independent company West Enterprises … Read More

Precision Agriculture Comes To Hay Bales

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Just when hay bales thought they could remain anonymous forever, along comes New Holland to give them a personality–or at least a brand! CropID, an individual bale identification system for large square bales, uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the twine to track bale atributes. This innovation enables commercial growers to uniquely tag and sort bales based on a … Read More

Precision Podcast on Yield Monitor Prep

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This edition of the Podcast, sponsored by AgLeader Technology, offers some timely tips on preparing yield monitors for harvest provided during the recent Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network yield monitor webinar hosted by technology manager Patrick Reeg. The entire webcast can be viewed at AgLeader Technology’s pre-harvest tips can be found on-line here. Subscribe to the Podcast … Read More

Data Analysis Using Precision Farming Software

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As harvest begins cranking up across the Midwest, growers are headed to the field with a combine and yield monitor that’s primed and ready to capture another year of valuable data. And this process often sets their minds to thinking about how they’ll use this data during the winter months ahead. Napoleon, Ohio grower Todd Hesterman consults with other farmers … Read More

Variable Rate Precision Farming — The Next Big Thing

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My friend and former colleague, Farm Industry News senior editor Jodie Wehrspann, pegs variable-rate (VR) technology as the biggest overlooked story in precision agriculture in a recent piece she wrote. I couldn’t agree with her more. I’ve written many stories of progressive farmers who have been using this VR technology for years, and are making it pay, while learning its … Read More

Prep Your Yield Monitor Webinar Tomorrow

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The Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network is hosting a yield monitor webinar tomorrow morning (Wednesday Sept. 16) from 7:30 to 8:30 am CDT. This webinar will focus on pre-harvest yield monitor preparation. Tips will be provided to help growers and agronomists avoid common problems that often result in yield data loss. The webinar will also help increase the accuracy of … Read More