Ag Leader Introduces Electric Drive

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fps-15-agleader-lundgrenAg Leader Technology is proud to introduce a new row-by-row electric drive product to its SeedCommand™ planter control line.

The electric drive option will offer growers reliable individual seed shut-off, as well as precise, row-by-row control of planter performance to incorporate variable rate planting on a per row basis. It will provide the ability for growers to make instant adjustments to population rates and consistent seed spacing, despite changes in planting speed, field conditions, or on curves and headlands, allowing growers to achieve maximum turn compensation.

“Imagine you’re going around a curve: In a typical planting scenario, the inside rows are gonna be planting and spacing seeds a lot closer together than on the outside of the planter, so what the electric drives will do is compensate for that, to make sure that the spacing is the same across the whole planter,” said Alex Lundgren, Ag Leader Technology Product Marketing Specialist, in an interview at the 2015 Farm Progress Show.

This technology will be true to Ag Leader’s “color-blind” approach, so the electric drives will be built to install on most major planter brands on the market: “We’ll be able to retrofit a lot of the meters out there on the market, so, Kinze, John Deere, Case, shaft drive or chain drive, it doesn’t matter-we can hook up to those,” says Lundgren.

The system is also ISOBUS compliant and can be used with any VT Task Controller display.

Electric drives will be added to the SeedCommand line with a limited release this spring and full production in 2017.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Alex here:
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