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ams15-harvestersMark Anderson and Dan Misner with U.S. Custom Harvesters (USCHI) had some news to share at the Ag Media Summit last week.

First, Anderson says they just announced a new partnership with Ag in the Classroom to develop two curriculums using footage leftover from “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary. “These curriculums will focus on agribusiness, leadership and job opportunities in the custom harvesting industry,” said Anderson.

Misner talked about an important amendment for custom harvesters that was included in the long term highway transportation bill passed by the Senate on Thursday that exempts the agriculture industry from obtaining a hazardous materials driver’s license to transport 1,000 gallons or less of diesel fuel. “We have been fighting this issue since 1993,” said Misner. “We’ve had the bill introduced three times before in past sessions…it is in the full Senate transportation bill…it would help us get our crops out in a timely fashion.”

Listen to intern Lizzy’s interview with Dan and Mark here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with U.S. Custom Harvesters”]

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