FarmLink Says Potential $8.1B Revenue Left In 2015

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With challenging conditions and tough markets this year, farmers have to be aware of which tools can help best utilize their farmland. FarmLink, for the second year in a row, analyzed their benchmarking data from across the US and found that approximately one third of farm operations could have earned additional revenue in 2015. New data tools, such as Discovery … Read More

FarmLink Introduces Discovery Platform

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As growers prepare for the 2016 season they can now use FarmLink’s data analytics platform to look back on the decisions they made in 2015.  Discovery by FarmLink offers analytics based on millions of acres of quality assured yield data.  Some of the information for corn and soybean fields is available to visitors for free.  Subscribers can get access to … Read More

MachineryLink Sharing Adds Revenue For Growers In Off-Season

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Sometimes referred to as the Airbnb of ag equipment, MachineryLink Sharing offers growers a way to access equipment that they need while respecting that current market conditions aren’t favorable towards purchasing new equipment. MachineryLink Sharing also offers an added revenue stream for both growers and ag retailers who would have equipment sitting idle at various times of the year. I … Read More

FarmLink Continues to Put Farmers First With TrueHarvest

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Kevin Heikes, with FarmLink, spoke with Precision.AgWired while at TradeTalk to give us an update on TrueHarvest and what’s next for FarmLink. TrueHarvest is the first and only yield benchmarking service that uses objective, accurate data to show your farm’s full range of yield potential and actual yield performance, down to a 150 sq. ft. area. As TrueHarvest was launched, … Read More

MachineryLink is Now MachineryLink Solutions

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MachineryLink continues to better serve growers with new products and services.  Now they are announcing the addition of MachineryLink Sharing to that list.  The site is agriculture’s first peer-2-peer online sharing community.  Growers, retailers, and professionals can list their equipment for use during its idle-time and see what others are sharing when they need assistance. “People helping people is what MachineryLink … Read More

Progressive Farmer, FarmLink Deliver Data Tool

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Arriving for the 2016 planting season, growers will soon be able to subscribe to an online tool through DTN/The Progressive Farmer and FarmLink. The two companies have announced an agreement to develop a new dashboard product to help farmers evaluate productivity.  Combining DTN/The Progressive Farmer’s local weather stations and cash market information from FarmLink allows for a new product that will give … Read More

FarmLink’s Focus on Precision Data

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FarmLink’s managing director, Randy Barker, joined his team at the 2015 InfoAg Conference in St. Louis to share their latest advances when it comes to precision data technology. I caught up with him to hear the FarmLink update. “Farmers are facing a lot of challenges. It might be weather or commodity prices. What we provide them is a measurement tool … Read More

Yield Benchmarking Offered by RDO and FarmLink

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 RDO Equipment Co. and FarmLink announced a new agreement that will bring together insights from yield benchmarking and the benefit of precision equipment.  The partnership promises productivity and profitability for growers. “Through our long standing relationship with RDO Equipment Co., we share a strong commitment to improving the overall profitability of farm operations,” said Jeff Dema, President of Grower Services … Read More

FarmLink Partners with MKC

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A new agreement between MKC and FarmLink will offer MKC customers access to a yield benchmarking tool.  True Harvest by FarmLink allows farmers to view opportunities to improve their yields and profitability.  The 2014 benchmark identified $372 million in additional revenue opportunity for growers in the state of Kansas. “Benchmarking is a critical new tool in our toolbox to share … Read More

FarmLink Highlights TrueHarvest at #Classic15

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Producers nationwide could have banked an extra $9.5 billion in revenues if they had gotten the full potential out of their ground. That was the message Brian Howard, Director of Program Development for FarmLink told attendees of this year’s Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona. He said his company’s new product, TrueHarvest, is a first-of-its-kind benchmarking tool that identifies significant opportunities … Read More