FarmLink Highlights TrueHarvest at #Classic15

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classic15-farmlinkProducers nationwide could have banked an extra $9.5 billion in revenues if they had gotten the full potential out of their ground. That was the message Brian Howard, Director of Program Development for FarmLink told attendees of this year’s Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona. He said his company’s new product, TrueHarvest, is a first-of-its-kind benchmarking tool that identifies significant opportunities in bushels and revenues that farmers could have gotten from their land using what he calls “actionable data.”

“We deliver at a 150-square-foot, micro-field level information that’s never been available to [producers] before,” he said. “It allows them to understand the opportunity of that ground so they can better allocate their resources and inputs to maximize profitability of each individual field.”

Brian said the value to producers TrueHarvest brings is two-fold: 1. It shows the possibilities in improving crop yields, and 2. It shows producers how to do it in a sustainable way for their operations, minimizing inputs while maintaining the integrity of the ground.

He said the feedback they heard from farmers at Commodity Classic confirms that this a tool growers want to have.

Listen to all of Brian’s remarks here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Brian Howard, FarmLink”]

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