Farm Market iD Releases Harvest 2014 Data

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Harvesting

Farm Market iDFarm Market iD has announced an update of it’s farm and land database to include the Harvest year 2014.

At it’s most recent, FMiD’s proprietary fact-based database includes information for more than 402 million planted production acres. The land represents over 1.9 million individuals farming more than 1.4 million farms that generate $197 billion in gross farm income in the Harvest Year 2014.

Key highlights of this year’s update:

  • Expanded geospatial capabilities providing aggregated data for watershed boundaries at the HUC8 (Hydrologic Unit Code) level
  • FMiD unique land attributed with the most recent NOAA Severe Weather Data Inventory
  • The ability to identify unique land and crop combinations with the NRCS Soil Survey Geographic (SURRGO) database
  • A new and improved California file reporting on all 58 counties in the state covering over 120 crop/crop groups
  • Digital advertising capabilities through Oracle BlueKai

You can learn more about Farm Market iD on their website.