FarmLogs Introduces FarmLogs Flow at InfoAg

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infoag15-71-editedFarmLogs co-founder and CEO, Jesse Vollmar, was present at the 2015 InfoAg Conference to share details about their recent announcement about FarmLogs Flow. The small plug-in hardware device is the first connected machine product to generate instant yield maps.

“This announcement is about a way that we are extending and making our yield function even better for our customer base by providing a faster or more reliable way to access yield maps without lifting a finger.”

The automatic yield maps eliminate the manual time consuming process of collecting, transferring, downloading and uploading yield files to produce maps benefiting farmers.

DSC_0953“Growing up on a farm, I knew when you are in the moment of harvest your first goal is getting the crops out of the field. The technology is very important to the farmers and there is only once to capture it. We needed to provide a way to do that where you can still focus on the first primary goal of getting the harvest done successfully and behind the scenes know that the technology is capturing the information for you and the minute you open your FarmLogs app that yield map will already be there for you.”

FarmLogs is also announcing that it has open sourced the process for decoding the ISOBUS data for generating yield maps. Jesse said they want to encourage the industry to build on top of this foundation and to start being more open with data formats.

Learn more about FarmLogs Flow in my complete interview with Jesse here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jesse Vollmar, FarmLogs”]

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