It’s Time for InfoAg

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It’s time again! Time to register for InfoAg in St. Louis, Missouri. This year the precision agriculture conference will be July 25-27th in its traditional location at Union Station. Novices or veterans will each find plenty of information during the three plenary sessions, five tracks of breakout sessions, exhibit time, and networking opportunities. Online registration is now open, or a downloadable form … Read More

Register for InfoAg

Kelly MarshallEvents, InfoAg

InfoAg is the place to be for information about precession agriculture, so mark your calendars and plan to be in St. Louis at Union Station on July 25-27, 2017. The event features five concurrent tracks of breakout sessions, three plenary sessions, networking opportunities, and dedicated time for exhibits, plus lunches and receptions. Whether you are starting out in precision ag … Read More

GEOSYS Knows Satellites

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GEOSYS has been in the satellite imagery business for nearly 30 years, so they know what they’re good at, says Emily Negrin, marketing and communications. Their satellites provide data from the field to all kinds of industry professionals. “What makes us different from people entering the satellite space is that we have developed a proprietary processing system, so we work … Read More

WinField’s R7 Tool Takes Retailers to Next Level

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Adam Garrestson fully believes that if you are a retailer, WinField‘s R7 tool is the most efficient way to support placing hybrids for growers.  At #InfoAg16 he told me how the product has been one of the best tools in the past, and how it’s getting better in the future. The R7 tool offers two components from WinField, an aggregate … Read More

#MyJohnDeere Grows with 3rd Party Developers

Chuck ZimmermanApps, Audio, InfoAg, John Deere

The Operations Center of has become increasingly beneficial to customers with the growth in third party application developers who have integrated their software via APIs. This allows for more seamless connectivity of data into the Operations Center that can be shared out to other platforms and software. Many of these companies have attended the annual John Deere Developers Conference … Read More

Advantages of Ag Eagle’s UAVs from #InfoAg

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, InfoAg

If you’re in agriculture there’s a good chance you had a strong loyalty to an equipment color, maybe even before you were old enough to drive it. As Precision editor and family farmer myself I went to InfoAg wondering about a product preference of a different kind. I took the opportunity to ask a few vendors why their aerial imagery … Read More

New Holland’s Solutions Fit All Sizes

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PLM stands for Precision Land Management, and it is what Luke Zerby does at New Holland. It’s also what he hopes was shared at the recent Info Ag Conference in St. Louis- the message of just how much New Holland has to offer. “Really we’re just trying to show all the options we have here; that New Holland isn’t just … Read More

Latest from @Case_IH at #InfoAg16

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Case IH pulled out all their best toys for the recent InfoAg Conference and I had the opportunity to talk to Ryan Blasiak about the fun going on in his booth. He started with the newest version of the AIM Command nozzles for the Patriot sprayer.  The system offers growers top-of-the-line control for consistent volume and the ability to manipulate droplet … Read More

Team #Farming with @JohnDeere

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The recent InfoAg Conference in St. Louis was all about farmers and industry working together as a team to increase productivity and profitability and John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) is all about teamwork. “John Deere recognizes what our part is in precision ag and that we’re not the total solution,” said Deere Information Solutions business director Lane Arthur, who … Read More

Raven Goes Beyond Technology

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Technology is important in today’s agriculture world, but using that technology, actually getting what you need for your farm, that can sometimes be a hold up. That’s why Tim Heins at Raven is excited about the products they offer. “At Raven we are just making sure we are doing a good job of helping you get a good application,” he … Read More