FarmLink Introduces Discovery Platform

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, FarmLink

Discovery_Logos-goldAs growers prepare for the 2016 season they can now use FarmLink’s data analytics platform to look back on the decisions they made in 2015.  Discovery by FarmLink offers analytics based on millions of acres of quality assured yield data.  Some of the information for corn and soybean fields is available to visitors for free.  Subscribers can get access to insights at zone level for corn, soybeans and wheat.

“As economic pressure increases on the farm, farmers need an ‘ag validator’ – to validate their investments in products and services, and to protect their bottom line,” said Ron LeMay, chairman and CEO of FarmLink. “The transformation to Ag 3.0 is rooted in easy-to-access, highly accurate data science and requires equally accurate validation of investment decisions.”

“As adoption of data technology increases, farmers not only want high-quality data they can trust, they also want products that are easy to use,” said Bob McClure, chief data scientist at FarmLink. “Our team of data scientists has ensured a level of precision to meet the expectations of the most sophisticated researcher. What that means for farmers is that they can trust the insights identified are actionable.”

As harvest came to a close, FarmLink applied its proprietary analytics engine to release the 2015 TrueHarvest benchmark earlier than ever to help farmers validate their 2015 practices and decisions. Today, farmers and others are using this benchmark to evaluate how land performed across the United States.

According to the USDA’s updated 2015 Farm Sector Income Forecast, farmer incomes are expected to decline for the second consecutive year after reaching recent highs in 2013. Without validating that the choices they made are correct, farmers risk repeated under performance or missed opportunities for improvements.

“Farmers can’t afford more risk,” said LeMay. “Farmer CEOs deserve access to the same high quality, real-time independent data CEOs in other dynamic industries use to validate the effectiveness of their management decisions and investments,” said LeMay. “With informed decision-making and validation, it’s possible to thrive, not just survive, in difficult economic times.”

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