FarmLink Continues to Put Farmers First With TrueHarvest

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heikesKevin Heikes, with FarmLink, spoke with Precision.AgWired while at TradeTalk to give us an update on TrueHarvest and what’s next for FarmLink.

TrueHarvest is the first and only yield benchmarking service that uses objective, accurate data to show your farm’s full range of yield potential and actual yield performance, down to a 150 sq. ft. area. As TrueHarvest was launched, FarmLink found that growers and retailers alike had great interest in the product but also found that there were a few questions being asked. With TrueHarvest being the first benchmarking tool geared towards agribusiness, FarmLink heard growers asking, “what can I do with this information, what decisions do I make from this, what is the end value?”.

“We’ve learned that customers need to be able to do something with this. You walk into the office of a farmer today and you’ll see yield maps collected year after year, but that only tells you where the high & lows are. We aim to solve the problem of where is the potential in those fields. The only way you can do this is with a true benchmarking tool to go back in and evaluate it.” Kevin Heikes, FarmLink.

Farmers are now bringing in their agronomists, retailers, and trusted advisors to add more personalized farm information into TrueHarvest to take advantage of the yield potential insight available in the platform. Growers and advisors are now bringing in their different data layers to TrueHarvest to validate decisions made, such as VRA applications, against a benchmark.

FarmLink also aims to move the conversation from ‘big data’ to ‘applicable data’; the focus is shifting from having access to data to making that data valuable and applicable for growers to use. Additionally, growers don’t have to input their data into TrueHarvest to have access to benchmark data, but it is an option to utilize additional tools within the platform.

To hear more of Kevin’s interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kevin Heikes, TrueHarvest”]

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