MapShots’ New Integration with Raven Slingshot

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AgStudio users who also subscribe to Raven Industries’ Slingshot system will be able to automatically download data from Slingshot web accounts and Raven’s popular line of Field Computers because of the soon release of MapShots Inc.’s Service Pack 0. The data will be available in an improved, standardized and wireless form specifically designed for farm management information systems. Previously, Raven … Read More

John Deere Intelligent Solutions Include Partners

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One of the great aspects of the InfoAg Conference is company-to-company communications and partnerships for the benefit of farmers. We talked with Kevin Krieg, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group Product Line Manager, about how important it is to work with other companies. “It’s one of the biggest roadblocks to being able to get more adoption of precision technologies – the … Read More

AgStudio – Beyond Agronomy

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MapShots AgStudio well known for its agronomic applications, but farmers can also use AgStudio for the business of farming. During the AgStudio Expo this week, MapShots consultant Kelly Nelson outlined four areas where AgStudio can help farmers in the office: Tracking input costs Managing leases Tracking commodity inventories Reporting data to the government “Agronomy is the killer function in AgStudio,” … Read More

AgStudio Third Party Integration

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Wireless data transfer is the latest trend in precision agriculture, and MapShots AgStudio is working with the majority of the leading machinery clouds to allow farmers to interface with them no matter which company they choose. “With our add on menu, you can actually update or upload all of your data,” said Josh Morris with MapShots tech support. “Doesn’t matter … Read More

AgStudio and Variable Rate Management

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We already heard from Clint Ingram with MapShots, who talked about the AgStudio Expo event, now we hear from his lovely wife Shauna who is also part of the MapShots family in the documentation and testing area. Shauna talked about how AgStudio works for Variable Rate Management. “It allows you to do as much detail as you want as far … Read More

AgStudio Updates and Future Expansion

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MapShots AgStudio is a constantly evolving product and development manager Ted Macy today gave an overview of the AgStudio of today with current updates and future expansions. One of the most interesting components that really caught the attention of MapShots customers at the AgStudio expo was AgStudio Select. “That’s the web version of our AgStudio desktop,” said Macy, who noted … Read More