MapShots Customers Learn More About AgStudio

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The purpose of the MapShots AgStudio Expo event prior to the start of the InfoAg 2014 Conference in St. Louis this week was to help their customers learn more about the capabilities of AgStudio – and they certainly did.

mapshots-14-cochranPhil Cochran of Cochran Agronomics in Paris, Illinois has been in the crop consulting business for 32 years and has seen lots of changes in his time. “When we started 32 years ago, I was carrying a five gallon bucket and a map clip board and a soil probe, so we indeed have come a long way,” he said. “We came to the MapShots conference to stay up with what these guys are doing. This is our second year with AgStudio…our eighth year with MapShots and it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Phil says AgStudio has really streamlined the input of their soil data and it has a huge inventory of report forms for them to use. “And then we started using AgMap, their field software, this year and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven,” he said. The most important information he took home with him from the MapShots event was what he learned about AgStudio that could help his clients.
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mapshots-14-customerMike Shuter is a corn and soybean farmer from east central Indiana who started using MapShots Easi Suite software when it first came out and he came to the event to learn about moving up to AgStudio. “It’s just given us a great way to keep field records and know what we’re putting where and work with prescriptions,” he said. “Basically everything we’re doing is variable rated in some fashion so we’re using Easi Suite to make those variable rate recommendations and now looking to move to AgStudio to do a little bit better job with that.”
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