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infoag-14-deere-kriegOne of the great aspects of the InfoAg Conference is company-to-company communications and partnerships for the benefit of farmers.

We talked with Kevin Krieg, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group Product Line Manager, about how important it is to work with other companies. “It’s one of the biggest roadblocks to being able to get more adoption of precision technologies – the challenges of being able to get the data from all the different formats, all the different tools, into the ones that can add value to (the farmer),” said Krieg. “What John Deere is trying to do is focus on the grower and what they need to get their job done and we realize it’s not always going to be the John Deere complete solution that’s going to do that.”

Krieg says if that means they have to share the data with other companies and the customer gives them the rights to get that data, “we’re going to enable that and make that happen for the grower in order for them to make that increased profitability for their farm.”

An example of that is how John Deere is working with MapShots AgStudio.

Learn more in this interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kevin Krieg, John Deere”]

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