MapShots’ New Integration with Raven Slingshot

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AgStudio users who also subscribe to Raven Industries’ Slingshot system will be able to automatically download data from Slingshot web accounts and Raven’s popular line of Field Computers because of the soon release of MapShots Inc.’s Service Pack 0. The data will be available in an improved, standardized and wireless form specifically designed for farm management information systems.

Previously, Raven users had to manually integrate field data into their AgStudio database using external cards or thumb drives. Now the data flow is streamlined. “Raven and MapShots strive to provide a seamless data flow from field to computer,” said Josh Skanderup, Product Manager, Slingshot for Raven Industries.

“Whether users have our older or newer computers, the file format coming from the field through Slingshot to AgStudio will be the same,” Skanderup continued. “Because it is invisible to the end user, they do not have to worry about managing different file formats. The data exchange is much easier and smoother.”

mapshots“We’ve had a great collaboration with MapShots and feel the Raven-MapShots integration will be beneficial for many growers and agricultural providers using the AgStudio platform.”

The MapShots Service Pack 0 will be a major update, according to Ingram. The company has reworked the field op platform and changed how data is imported and read. “The end-user won’t notice much — it’s all under-the-hood stuff,” he said. “But the update will definitely increase speed and efficiency of the AgStudio platform.”

MapShots Service Pack 0 is the first of several planned AgStudio updates throughout the year. The Service Packs allow MapShots to release new features, tweak various aspects and make adjustments where appropriate during the year.

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Josh here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Josh Skanderup, Raven Industries”]