Trimble Introduces VRI Pressure Tech for Center Pivots

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation, Variable rate

Trimble has announced an industry-first technology that gets the right amount of water to the right places. Their new Irrigate-IQ optimal flow variable rate irrigation (VRI) solution allows farmers to use VRI on center pivot systems with a standard pumping system or limited well capacity. In the past a grower couldn’t use VRI on a center pivot without risking damage … Read More

Veris Unveils On-the-Go Sensors at #NFMS17

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Corn prices are not going up and land prices aren’t going down, so farmers need to be more efficient with what they have, said Tyler Lund of Veris Technologies. Farmers drive through the field during harvest and watch yields go up and down where the soil changes, but it takes software to better understand and make the most of those … Read More

MZB Brings Precision Tech to Three Kansas Co-Ops

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Variable rate

Last year Garden City Co-op (GCC) began using MZB Technologies on their precision ag platform. The program has been so successful GCC has been added as a mapping center and two more Kansas cooperatives have also selected to use the MZB software package. The new agreements with Great Bend Co-Op and Frontier Ag will allow MZB to work closely with … Read More

CropX Gets Boost from Top Sensor Manufacturers

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CropX has been one of the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation services.  Now they have announced that service will be going even further with new investment partners.  The global leaders in sensor manufacturing, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and Flextechnology accelerator, Lab IX have signed on to accelerate product development and rapidly expand market adoption.  CropX has also unveiled a … Read More

Garden City, Kansas Co-Op Now an MZB Provider

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, cooperatives, Irrigation, Variable rate, Water Management

More than 2,000 growers are now part of the MZB’s zone-based precision farming system, thanks to a roundtable discussion at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit held this past winter.  Participation in the summit has lead to participation in a partnership for MZB Technologies and Garden City Co-op (GCC). Garden City Co-op is now a provider of MZB’s platform, which provides up … Read More

iSOYL App Earns FinOvation Award

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This year’s FinOvation Award, honoring reader interest in new products, has been given to SOYL for their new precision production app, iSOYL. The app offers growers a solution that makes variable rate seed or fertilizer application easy and affordable.  iSOYL can work with a variety of controllers to take shape file prescription application maps and connect via an iPad to … Read More

FarmLogs Unveils New Offer at #Classic16

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FarmLogs had a big announcement to make last week at the 2016 Commodity Conference. The upcoming growing season will bring many changes to the company’s offerings, all designed to help them fulfill their mission of helping growers be more profitable. Nitrogen monitoring and variable rate prescriptions top the list of things growers can look forward to from Farmlogs. In the … Read More

DuPont Pioneer Enhances Planting Rate Estimator

Cindy ZimmermanApps, Corn, Dupont Pioneer, Planting, seed, Variable rate

Looking for enhanced Variable Rate Seeding Data? There’s an app for that. DuPont Pioneer has just launched an enhanced Planting Rate Estimator tool for the 2016 planting season. The new version, which is available on and in the Apple App Store®, gives growers the ability to select seeding rates across a range of yield goals and corn hybrids, while … Read More

Farmers Edge Expands Precision Solutions

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Earlier this year the global precision agriculture and data management solutions company, Farmers Edge broke into the U.S. market.  Now they’re expanding their presence in the major growing areas of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas. Whereas blue-chip agriculture giants and big data startups rely heavily on existing public data and have stagnated in major … Read More

Precision Ag Workshop Hosted by AL Extension

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A Precision Agriculture Workshop will be held in Auburn, Alabama on January 28, 2016.  The workshop is provided by Auburn University and the Alabama Extension.  There will be presentations and demonstrations of cutting edge precision technology covering planting, spraying, variable rate nitrogen, variable rate irrigation and data management. Alabama Extension Precision Ag and Grain Crops Specialist Brenda Ortiz said there … Read More