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mapshots-14-joshWireless data transfer is the latest trend in precision agriculture, and MapShots AgStudio is working with the majority of the leading machinery clouds to allow farmers to interface with them no matter which company they choose.

“With our add on menu, you can actually update or upload all of your data,” said Josh Morris with MapShots tech support. “Doesn’t matter if you’re running Deere, Ag Leader, Precision Planting – so we’ve really come a long way compared with other software companies.”

The ultimate goal of precision farming technology is time and money savings, which is why Morris says this third party integration is so important. “Time is money, so if you’re able to save time and send prescriptions on the dot, that just makes it so much easier for the farmer,” he said.

Josh gives the specific example of information platform introduced in 2012. “Instead of going out to your barn and uploading with a USB stick, you’re able to just link your AgStudio database with your MyJohnDeere account and just transfer your set up cards with your boundaries,” said Morris. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Josh Morris, MapShots support”]

MapShots is exhibiting this week at the InfoAg Expo in St. Louis where they are demonstrating the capabilities of AgStudio to farmers from all over the Midwest.

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