AgStudio and Variable Rate Management

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mapshots-14-shauna-2We already heard from Clint Ingram with MapShots, who talked about the AgStudio Expo event, now we hear from his lovely wife Shauna who is also part of the MapShots family in the documentation and testing area.

Shauna talked about how AgStudio works for Variable Rate Management. “It allows you to do as much detail as you want as far as getting out that variable rate prescription,” she said. “If you have a very simple formula that works for you, we have a way to do that. If you have a very complex calculation that takes you from a set of variables to an actual product or seeding rate, then we can do that.”

Shauna says AgStudio has what she calls a “Script Wizard” for nutrient, product and seeding recommendations. “The great thing about the wizard is you don’t have to use every piece, it walks you through and allows you to pick the pieces you need to come up with the unique recommendations that work for your ground.”

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