EPA Atrazine Decision Could Costs Farmers Billions

Kelly Marshall

The EPA’s latest decision on atrazine is estimated to cost the agriculture industry $2.5 billion in yield losses and input costs.  Farm groups are pushing back, saying the current economic state of the ag community is already in a decline. “Farmers cannot afford to lose access to atrazine,” said Wesley Spurlock, a farmer from Stratford, Texas, and First Vice President …

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Enlist Cotton Has Full Export Approval

Kelly Marshall

Enlist Cotton Traits have full export approval for 2017, meaning U.S. cotton growers can plant varieties with confidence in the coming year.  The approval also means growers will have access to the most advanced weed control technology available. “This is a great step forward for cotton growers and the Enlist weed control system,” says John Chase, Dow AgroSciences, Enlist commercial …

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FMC Looking Ahead to Fall at #AgMedia Summit

Cindy Zimmerman

The growing season is in full swing, and the team at FMC Corporation is encouraging growers to be extra weed-conscious as summer comes to an end and harvest season begins. Ken Smith, Technical Service Manager for FMC Corporation, was on hand during the 2016 Ag Media Summit to discuss the reality of herbicide resistance, and how it has made fall …

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Monsanto & DuPont Sign Dicamba Supply Agreement

Joanna Schroeder

Monsanto Company and DuPont have announced a multi-year dicamba supply agreement for the U.S. and Canada. DuPont will sell its new herbicide as DuPont™ FeXapan™ herbicide plus VaporGrip™ Technology. “This agreement represents continued commitment to the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System,” said Mike Frank, Monsanto vice president, chief commercial officer. “Low-volatility dicamba formulations with VaporGrip™ Technology are designed to give …

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Elevore from Dow AgroSciences Offers New Active Ingredient

Kelly Marshall

This time of year finds many growers struggling with unwelcome weeds and glyphosate resistant marestail, chickweed and henbit are nothing new to growers in the midwest.  Dow AgroSciences says they may just have the solution. Elevore, an herbicide currently pending registration, may offer control of many glyphostae and ALS-resistant weeds as part of a burndown program.  The new product containsArylex …

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Monsanto Forms New Partnership Agreements

Kelly Marshall

Monsanto Company has formed two new partnership agreements.  One targets weed control solutions while the other focuses on genome-editing. Under an agreement with TargetGene Biotechnologies LTD, Monsanto receives an exclusive license for TargetGene’s Genome Editing Engine (T GEE).  “TargetGene is pleased to be working with Monsanto to enable the next generation of agricultural innovation through the application of our genome-editing …

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Innovative Weed Control by Clariant

Kelly Marshall

Clariant is showing the world they truly are a leader in specialty chemicals with an innovative, all-in-one crop spraying system.  Synergen ME is a product line designed to improve weed control and achieve better yields by being optimized for use in combination with other herbicides. The new product contains methylated seed oil, ammonium sulfate and specific surfactants to increase the effectiveness …

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Growers Report on @EnlistOnline Weed Control System

Kelly Marshall

Spring planting may be moving along well, or held up for weather delays but one thing every grower has in common this time of year is the challenge of weed management.  This year Dow AgroSciences selected a group of growers to try their new Enlist weed control system.  Many farmers were anxious to try the program, hoping to see only …

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EPA Approves Varisto Herbicide from BASF

Kelly Marshall

The EPA has given the go-ahead to BASF‘s Varisto herbicide.  The product may be used on clover grown for seed, dry beans, dry peas, English peas, lima beans (succulent), snap beans and soybeans.  The herbicide offers a wide spectrum of broadleaf and grass weed control. “Varisto herbicide offers multiple sites of action for excellent weed control and resistance management in …

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