Companies Sign for Balance GT Soybeans

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More than 45 companies have signed on as licensees for the Balance GT Soybean Performance System. The soybeans are higher-yielding, offer elite genetics with double herbicide-tolerant trait stack, and protects agains a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses. “This is exciting news for Balance™ GT,” says Lindsey Seitz, brand manager for MS Technologies™. “With more than 45 licensees already … Read More

New Holland Sets World Record

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 New Holland‘s CR8.90 combine has set a new World Record.  In just eight hours a total of 16, 157 bushels of soybeans were harvested in the Bahia State of Brazil. “Setting the world record for harvesting 16,157 bushels of soybeans is an achievement we’re very proud of and it demonstrates the power and productivity of the CR8.90”, stated Dan Valen, … Read More

Wet Weather Sends Planters to the Shed

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It’s discouraging when the writer in the family is busier than the farmer, but if your planter was in the shed this week take solace– so was ours.  And since misery loves company, here’s the latest USDA report showing national corn planting progress falling behind last year and the five year average. Texans are doing well, with more than 60 percent planted and … Read More

Non-GMO High Oleic Soybeans Expand to Missouri

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The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council has signed an agreement to bring non-GMO high oleic soybean technology to growers in the state. Schillinger Genetics, Inc. (SGI) is now licensed to commercialize high oleic soybean traits and to breed soybean varieties that combine high oleic with low linolenic beans. The partnership is the first of its kind. “We believe strongly in the … Read More

FMC Topguard Offers Solutions in Mid-South

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In the Mid-South the challenge is frogeye leaf spot, according to FMC Technical Service Manager Matt Wiggins. “My region here in the mid-South, that’s primarily the disease we’re chasing in soybeans,” said Wiggins at the recent Farm and Gin Show in Memphis. Thankfully, FMC has a relativity new product designed to take care of that. Topguard EQ is a tank … Read More

U.S. Farmers Expected to Plant Record-High Soybeans

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Production surveys from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) show farmers across the nation are planning on approximately 89.5 million acres of soybeans this growing season. That’s seven percent more than last year’s record high of 83.4 million acres. The largest increase is expected in Kansas, with just under a million acres in increase. Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North … Read More

Bayer Focuses on Credenz Soybeans in Midwest

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The expanded facility in Illinois is Bayer’s third grand opening of a research station in the past few days, says Marc Hoobler, Soybean Seed Product Manager. “This faculty will specifically focused on Midwest soybean growers, so maturity groups two and three,” Hoobler explained. “Especially for the state of Illinois, we’re going to be providing new genetics that will be coming … Read More

Bayer Invests Big for Soybeans

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Soybean growers are pleased with Bayer’s increased investment in the research and development of new soybean varieties. “It’s outstanding that Bayer has put up a billion dollars to expand their soybean breeding all across the United States,” said American Soybean Association president and Illinois farmer Ron Moore. “Looks like Bayer is recognizing that soybeans are an important crop for their … Read More

High Oleic Soybeans Growing Rapidly

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Traditional soybean oil turns rancid rather quickly, limiting shelf life or needing hydrogen gas to be added, creating trans fats. Pioneer’s Plenish soybeans offer three times the shelf life of conventional beans without hydrogenation. Maybe that’s why growers will plant more than 600,000 acres in Indiana and Ohio, as well as Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. With yields that … Read More

Bayer Celebrates New $8 Million Research Center

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On Thursday, Bayer wrapped up a week of grand openings by celebrating the expansion of the Soybean Breeding and Trait Development Center in Champaign County, Illinois. The new station will house research and development to identify, develop and test new varieties, using modern breeding methods, pushing the limits of yield potential for growers in the Midwest. The expansion is part … Read More