Growers Report on @EnlistOnline Weed Control System

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Dow AgroSciences, Weed control

Spring planting may be moving along well, or held up for weather delays but one thing every grower has in common this time of year is the challenge of weed management.  This year Dow AgroSciences selected a group of growers to try their new Enlist weed control system.  Many farmers were anxious to try the program, hoping to see only the green they’ve planted pop up in fields.

Enlist 1Now these early-users of the program are posting the results of their Enlist cotton, Enlist soybeans and Enlist corn online.  You can see their results, along with the methods used to achieve them, like beginning the season with a burn down, like this Iowa grower pictured right. “A burndown helps get crops off to a good start by limiting weeds that compete with emerging plants,” says Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D., Dow AgroSciences Enlist™ field sales leader. “This paves the way for a strong start to the growing season.”

Enlist 2Bradley Moore from Tennessee planted PhytoGen cotton seed with the Enlist trait on his farm this year.  “When farming is in your blood like it is mine, planting is exciting,” Moore says. “There’s something new every day when you’re watching the plants begin to grow.”  Moore appreciates the multiple modes of action Enlist offers him, especially because Enlist cotton is tolerant to new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate, as well as glufosinate.  Although Enlist Duo is not yet registered for cotton, growers can use glyphosate and glufosinate on cotton with the Enlist trait.

Enlist 4Clean fields mean no worries.  Crops can take advantage of the nutrients and sunlight available to them, giving growers higher yields.  “It’s best to hit weeds when they’re smaller to get the greatest benefit from your postemergence herbicide,” says Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D., Dow AgroSciences Enlist™ field sales leader.  This comes from a program approach, burndown, preemergence with residual and post emergence with different modes of action.

“New technology, such as the Enlist weed control system, is better today than anything we had in the past,” says Missouri grower Josh Turner. “It will be a great asset on our farm as we look to control resistant weeds.”

Get additional seasonal highlights from growers using the Enlist™ system from the Experiencing Enlist section of, the Enlist YouTube channel or on Twitter at @EnlistOnline.