FMC Says 2 Pass Weed Control is Back

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ams-16-reat-2pass Chris Reat, Corn Segment Product Manager at FMC Corporation, was on hand during the 2016 Ag Media Summit to discuss the benefits of using a two pass system for weed control, and the ways it can help protect your yields this season.

“The two pass system is really starting to come back in vogue because of the challenges we’re having with some of the glyphosate resistant weeds and other tough to control weeds out there,” said Reat in an interview during Ag Media Summit.”We’ve gotten by as systems have allowed us with one pass systems, but two pass is becoming more popular because it works.”

For growers looking into two pass systems, Reat suggests FMC’s Anthem Maxx as a pre product with Solstice as a follow up, and stressing the importance of evaluating the correct application timing when utilizing a two pass system.

“That combination offers three different modes of action, and it allows them to control the weeds before they come up, but if they do see some late season weeds start to come up, controlling them with Solstice has been super effective,” he said. “”You can go as early as 45 days pre with Anthem Maxx, we usually like to keep it a little closer than that so it extends your window of coverage, but the flexibility of Anthem Maxx is that you can go post with it as well, so once you get it in the barn, you have lots of options with it.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Chris here:
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