FMC Offers PPO Resistance Advice at #NFMS17

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When we say “resistance” most of us think glyphosate, but waterhemp and palmer amaranth have also developed a resistance to PPO in some states, according to Nick Hustedde, an FMC technical service representative. “It’s definitely a significant problem. It’s unfortunate any time we lose a herbicide technology,” Hustedde says. But fortunately we can do things to preserve the effectiveness of … Read More

FMC Talks Weed Technologies at #NFMS17

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Technologies used to control weeds today took perhaps decades to come online, Nick Hustedde of FMC told Chuck Zimmerman at the National Farm Machinery Show. That’s why it’s so important to preserve what we have and make it last as long as we can; looking down the line the technologies available to us today will need to last for the … Read More

Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan Unveiled

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The Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan has been released at, thanks to the collaboration of a broad cross-section of the Iowa agriculture industry. The plan offers farmers information about technology and tools like pesticides, seed treatments and biotech products and native traits to provide holistic, integrated management solutions for insects, weeds and disease. “This plan brought together a broad … Read More

Worried About Weeds?

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The factors involved in weed resistance can be complex. That’s why BASF is sponsoring the Growing for Tomorrow weed resistance management webinar next Wednesday, February 1 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. CST. Technical Marketing Manger, Chad Asmus from BASF and Professor and Extension Weed Specialist, Dr. Eric Prostko from the University of Georgia will be discussing issues of weed resistance, … Read More

EPA Approves BASF Engenia

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BASF announced this week that Engenia™ herbicide has received registration for use in the United States in dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. “Soybean and cotton growers now have a new tool at their disposal to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds,” said Neil Bentley, Director of Marketing, U.S. Crop, BASF. “Engenia herbicide is our most flexible and advanced dicamba for dicamba-tolerant crops. It’s a … Read More

Liquid Formulation Valor EZ Herbicide For 2017

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Valent U.S.A Corporation‘s leading herbicide, Valor EZ, will be available for the next growing season in a liquid formulation.  Valor EZ Herbicide1 is easy to mix, with in-tank suspension properties making it the perfect partner for Roundup Ready Xtend. “The liquid formulation of Valor EZ makes the mixing process easier and more effective for growers and applicators by eliminating the pre-slurry … Read More

BASF Engenia Close to Approval

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Reporters at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting were eager to find out more from BASF about when Engenia™ herbicide will be registered for use. “We’re expecting registration of Engenia herbicide within weeks and growers will have it in time for the 2017 growing season,” said BASF Technical Marketing Manager Chad Asmus. Engenia™ herbicide is a technologically advanced dicamba … Read More

Summit Agro Expands Mission Herbicide Label

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MISSION herbicide by Summit Agro has been approved as a tool for pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control for a new crop– almonds. “Grape, citrus, tree nut and conifer growers have increasingly taken advantage of the long-lasting residual weed control provided by MISSION since we first introduced the product in 2012” said Jon Forbis, Herbicide Marketing Manager. “We are pleased to … Read More

Experiments Show Spray Drift Damages Grapes

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The Weed Technology journal recently published results showing that herbicide spray drift from 2,4-D and dicamba can severely damage wine grapes near agronomic crops. With the increased use of these products on glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds like Palmar amaranth and horseweed, grape growers are becoming more and more concerned about crop loss from drift. Researchers from Ohio State University ran test … Read More

Wipe Out Weeds with Bayer at the #FarmProgressShow

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Jody Wynia’s job as a Marketing Manger for corn at Bayer means he is looking for ways to help growers defeat weeds with confidence.  It’s why the company has launched their W.O.W program- Wipe Out Weeds, with seven proven products covering a wide variety of application windows and price points. Making sure corn growers remain profitable and weed-free in a … Read More