Elevore from Dow AgroSciences Offers New Active Ingredient

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Dow AgroSciences, Herbicides, Spraying, Weed control

elevore_logoThis time of year finds many growers struggling with unwelcome weeds and glyphosate resistant marestail, chickweed and henbit are nothing new to growers in the midwest.  Dow AgroSciences says they may just have the solution.

Elevore, an herbicide currently pending registration, may offer control of many glyphostae and ALS-resistant weeds as part of a burndown program.  The new product containsArylex active, a Group 4 growth regulator developed by Dow.

“Because Elevore contains Arylex active, it provides systemic control and does a great job of virtually eliminating the chance for regrowth of targeted plants,” says Jeff Ellis, Ph.D., field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. “Symptoms on targeted plants are shown as typical auxin responses followed by necrosis and death. This type of plant death gives growers peace of mind their fields will be cleaner at planting.”

In field trials conducted by Dow AgroSciences, Elevore tank-mixed with 2,4-D delivered 97 percent control of glyphosate-resistant marestail when applied in a pre-plant burndown program.

“We targeted glyphosate-resistant marestail between five and eight inches in field trials and have seen superior control of this weed species,” Ellis says. “Elevore provided excellent activity on marestail across a wide range of geographies and at various heights, including 8-inch-tall marestail.”

A study by Michigan State University estimates 83 percent of soybean yield loss from 105 mairestail plants pre 10 square feet, making control of the weed before planting critical, Ellis explains.

Dow expects Elevore to be labels for application with commonly used residual and turndown tank-mix partner like glyphostae and 2,4-D up to 14 days before planting.  Registration is expected for 2017.