Monsanto Forms New Partnership Agreements

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, biotechnology, Herbicides, Monsanto, Weed control

Monsanto-LogoMonsanto Company has formed two new partnership agreements.  One targets weed control solutions while the other focuses on genome-editing.

Under an agreement with TargetGene Biotechnologies LTD, Monsanto receives an exclusive license for TargetGene’s Genome Editing Engine (T GEE).  “TargetGene is pleased to be working with Monsanto to enable the next generation of agricultural innovation through the application of our genome-editing technology,” said Dr. Yoel Shiboleth, chief executive officer of TargetGene. “In a time of increasing environmental challenges and a growing global population to feed, this science has never been more important.”

“TargetGene has uniquely positioned itself to develop precision-editing techniques that can improve a broad range of solutions that help growers around the world deliver better harvests,” said Tom Adams, biotechnology lead for Monsanto. “Monsanto has conducted extensive research with various gene-editing approaches for years, and we believe access to TargetGene’s technology will help drive further precision and efficiency within the company’s robust plant breeding and biotechnology pipelines.”

The tool places the company in a position to deliver breakthroughs in plant science.  Monsanto compares it to the “search and replace” function in word-processors, allowing breeders to create new hybrids more efficiently.

The second agreement is with Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd.  Sumitomo Chemical has been developing a new generation of PPO chemistry with broader spectrum control and flexibility for application.  Now the companies are planning to work together to create an integrated system of germplams, biotechnology and crop protection for better weed control solutions.  To meet that goal they will collaborate on registration and commercialization of the PPO chemistry for use in Monsanto’s future weed management systems.  The new herbicide is expected to be offered by both organizations.

“I’m really excited about Sumitomo Chemical’s next generation weed control technology,” said Robb Fraley, Monsanto Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “This next-generation PPO herbicide has remarkable broad spectrum effect against both grass and broadleaf weeds, which will make it an excellent, complementary addition to the Roundup Ready® platform. The product’s low use rate, together with a unique mode of action effective against resistant PPO weeds, will be valuable to corn, soy and cotton growers.”