10-Year Precision Veteran

Laura McNamara

Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour caught up with John Deere Ag Management Systems Consultant Todd Zimmerman in Auburn, Nebraska. Todd was visiting Arlin Aufenkamp, a farmer who has been using precision farming technology for 10 years. Todd says Arlin started off with mapping technology on his combine, moved to auto steer and has now added auto shut-offs on his sprayers …

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Farmer Designs “Precision Track

Laura McNamara

Farmer inventor Ned Meyer is in his third year of applying “Precision Track” technology to his farm. Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour visited Ned Farmer to talk about his concept of the functions and potential uses for his “Precision Track” field system design. Ned says his farm uses the system for both planting and cultivating. The performance, he says, is …

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John Deere Guides Tractors in Nebraska

Laura McNamara

John McDonald of Phillips, Nebraska says GPS guidance systems take the stress of planters, reducing planters fatigue while running the tractgor in 14 hour shifts. Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour stopped by John’s farm to get a look at how GPS technology is being used in Nebraska. John says there’s a generational learning curve with GPS guidance systems technology. His …

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Growing Precision In Kansas

Laura McNamara

Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour recently stopped in Beloit, Kansas and spoke with certified crop advisor Roger Barrett. The Farmway Cooperative representative says the use of precision ag tools is growing in his farming region. He says there are a lot of growers in his area that are delving into new precision applications and technologies, like the ones John Deere …

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A Progression to Precision

Laura McNamara

The Certified Crop Adviser that Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour tracked down at Lyle Mabus’s farm was also offering his expertise to farmer Jim Erdahl of Blue Earth, MN. In this video Jim Erdahl talks about how farmers’ ability to collect data has changed with technology over the years. You can find more videos of both Bryan and Jim at …

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CCA Helps Farmer Get Online with Precision

Laura McNamara

Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour tracks down a certified crop adviser in the field. Lyle Mabus wanted to learn more about how precision agriculture could be introduced on his farm. Bryan Arndorfer of Precision Management Services was there to offer Lyle the instruction he was looking for and helps Lyle maximize precision technology for farming applications like variable rate nitrogen. …

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Reducing Input Costs Through Precision in Mississippi

Laura McNamara

Culger isn’t the only place you’ll find precision ag in Mississippi. Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour interviewed Hank Kelly about how he uses precision technology at his 8,000 acre farm in Holmes County, MS. Hank says though input costs might change with the use of precision farming techniques like remote imagery variable rate line, overall precision ag equipment and software …

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Precision Technology Mean Less Equipment

Laura McNamara

Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour promised to bring video straight from the field and the project has delivered. There are currently 27 videos posted online at Agriculture Online. In a video from just outside Cruger, Mississippi, Mark Harris talks about managing a farm that has integrated precision technology. He says with precision ag software, his farm needs less heavy machinery.

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Classic Precision Demonstration

Cindy Zimmerman

At the 2008 Commodity Classic in Nashville, hundreds of farmers were interested in finding out more how precision technology can help them save time and money. Laura Robson was the expert on hand, demonstrating the John Deere GS2 Display which provides excellent visibility of spraying functions while operating in the field. The GS2 Display is used for rate control, guidance, …

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More Precision Agriculture in Cotton

Chuck Zimmerman

At last week’s Beltwide Cotton Conferences I got to interview Patrick Sikora, John Deere Ag Management Solutions Group, about the new technology available for cotton growers. He works in their new development area. Patrick says that cotton growers have been some of the earliest adopters of precision farming technology but that there may be some not familiar with products like …

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