Smart Nozzles Aid Precision Application

Kurt Lawton

With planting and spraying season top-o-mind right now, more and more growers are saving money with planter and boom control precision agriculture technology. For growers ready to move up to the next level of precision, check out Harrison Ag Technologies and their Smart Nozzle–which received a FinOvation award for 2009 from Farm Industry News magazine. Using GPS technology for tracking …

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Growers Learn More About APEX

Cindy Zimmerman

A record number of growers are attending the biggest ever trade show at the 2009 Commodity Classic this week in Grapevine, Texas. No economic crisis here! John Deere Ag Management Solutions representatives have stayed busy talking with growers interested in upgrading – or even just starting out – with precision technology that can help them save money on input costs …

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New John Deere Planter is Precision Driven

Cindy Zimmerman

John Deere unveiled the largest planter in the industry at the 2009 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville this week. Rob Rippchen, division marketing manager at John Deere seed in Moline, IL says the DB120 “next generation” 120 foot planter is generating a lot of interest at the show. “There’s kind of a ‘wow’ factor,” said Rob. “It’s so wide …

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Cotton Picker in Action

Chuck Zimmerman

I told you I’d get to see the new John Deere 7760 Self Propelled Cotton Picker in action. This bad boy will be ready for sales next year but growers can call their local dealer to get an on-farm demonstration. I liked the American flag touch. It was waving in the nice breeze we had all day. There were also …

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Showing Precision Guided Tillage at Farm Science Review

Chuck Zimmerman

The Farm Science Review is taking place in London, OH and I got to attend the precision ag field demos yesterday and found John Deere on the job. I spoke with John Deere’s Jamie Bultemeier (pictured on the left). He was conducting a precision tillage demonstration. Jamie’s an agronomist by training so he focuses on crop production as it relates …

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John Deere Offers New “Toys” for Precision

Laura McNamara

John Deere has recently announced that it’s offering a slew of different precision agriculture products. Some are available now and others are scheduled to be released in the spring or fall of 2009. Kim Fletcher, Marketing Representative with John Deere Ag Management Solutions has been hosting several live presentations showcasing many of the new products and some old favorites at …

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10-Year Precision Veteran

Laura McNamara

Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour caught up with John Deere Ag Management Systems Consultant Todd Zimmerman in Auburn, Nebraska. Todd was visiting Arlin Aufenkamp, a farmer who has been using precision farming technology for 10 years. Todd says Arlin started off with mapping technology on his combine, moved to auto steer and has now added auto shut-offs on his sprayers …

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Farmer Designs “Precision Track

Laura McNamara

Farmer inventor Ned Meyer is in his third year of applying “Precision Track” technology to his farm. Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour visited Ned Farmer to talk about his concept of the functions and potential uses for his “Precision Track” field system design. Ned says his farm uses the system for both planting and cultivating. The performance, he says, is …

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John Deere Guides Tractors in Nebraska

Laura McNamara

John McDonald of Phillips, Nebraska says GPS guidance systems take the stress of planters, reducing planters fatigue while running the tractgor in 14 hour shifts. Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour stopped by John’s farm to get a look at how GPS technology is being used in Nebraska. John says there’s a generational learning curve with GPS guidance systems technology. His …

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Growing Precision In Kansas

Laura McNamara

Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour recently stopped in Beloit, Kansas and spoke with certified crop advisor Roger Barrett. The Farmway Cooperative representative says the use of precision ag tools is growing in his farming region. He says there are a lot of growers in his area that are delving into new precision applications and technologies, like the ones John Deere …

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