Ag Leader Releases Advanced Seed Monitoring

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You think it would be hard to make a great thing better, but Ag Leader Technology has done just that. This week, during the Iowa Power Farming Show, they announced a new update to their SeedCommand system – Advanced Seed Monitoring. This new monitoring system was designed to help growers eliminate yield robbing planter problems by monitoring key factors including seed meter singulation, skips and/or doubles, spacing quality, and population information.

The new technology was on demonstration during the show, and Mark Anderson, Territory Manager for Ag Leader talked to me about the product. It was a little cold and the concrete was a little hard to do any corn planting during the show, but I was still able to get a virtual tour of how the Advanced Seed Monitoring tool worked.

The technology was designed specifically for corn farmers to use on Ag Leader’s INTEGRA displays and when integrated with SeedCommand, is another precision ag technology that will help farmers increase yields and increase profits.

Anderson mentioned some additional features along with the ones mentioned above. These include:

  • Virtual Seed Trench for a seed-by-seed view to assist in diagnosing problematic rows.
  • Automatically determines and displays the rows operating at the lowest and highest levels for singulation and population.
  • The new Advanced Seed Monitoring incorporates seed meter and placement details into SeedCommand’s row shutoff and planter-drive modules on one, easy to read and navigate screen.

Anderson said that growers were already really excited about the product at the show and once the word gets out, he expects high demand for the product. So, to ensure that all their growers get the update in time for planting, he encouraged them to order their Advanced Seed Monitoring tool as soon as possible. You can do just that by giving them a call at 515- 232-5363 or visiting their website at

And before you’re ready to apply nitrogen this growing season, check out their OptRx technology. Growers who used the technology last growing season, on average, improved their bushel per acre costs of $25.

Miss the show? Check it out in our Iowa Power Farming Show flickr photo album. coverage of the Iowa Power Farming Show is sponsored by: Ag Leader Technology.

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  1. Whats so new about this?? Precision planting has been doing this for four years already and they do it better.

  2. Whats so new about this?? Precision planting has been doing this for four years already and they do it better.

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