AgRobotics AutoProbe Demo at CTIC Tour

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I did a post about the AgRobotics AutoProbe several years ago and this month I finally got to see it in action during the 2011 CTIC Conservation In Action Tour on August 9 in northwest Ohio.

“It’s the first on-the-go soil sampling apparatus for agriculture,” Jeff Burton told me. “We’ve been developing it since 2002 and have been in the early commercialization of it in the Mississippi Delta and we’re in the process of taking it national.”

The AutoProbe collects a soil core every 17 feet traveling across a field and then transfers it up to the cab next to the operator. “It’s consistent, it’s repeatable, it’s faster than any other method on the market, with auto steer we can go back to the same place in a year or three years and see the difference,” Jeff says.

Listen to my interview with Jeff here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Jeff Burton with AgRobotics on CTIC Tour”]

Find out more about the AutoProbe on the AgRobotics website and watch it in action here:

CTIC 2011 Conservation in Action Tour Photos