Bayer Meeting Potato Growers Needs at #PotatoExpo

Kelly MarshallBayer CropScience, Insect Control, Potato

Bayer brought Velum Prime plus Movento to this year’s Potato Expo in a very timely manner. Growers are facing more challenges this year than last in regards to nematode pressure, reports Nevada Smith, Marketing Manger for the Western Region. Adding Movento to Velum Prime increases yield, improves root health and offers a better return on investment, but it also has … Read More

Syngenta Introduces CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato

Kelly MarshallPotato, Syngenta

Syngenta introduced the CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato insecticide/fungicide seed treatment just in time for the Potato Expo earlier this month. Chuck Zimmerman had the opportunity to talk with Christopher Clemens about the latest addition to the Syngenta Seedcare potato portfolio- the Vibrance fungicide. CruiserMaxx has been around for a while now, Clemens explains, but we’re talking about it again because of … Read More

John Deere Connects Specialty Crops from #PotatoExpo

Kelly MarshallAudio, John Deere, Potato

John Deere has something new up its sleeve again. Carl Weidemeier attended the Potato Expo in San Fransisco to show growers the latest offering for specialty crops. Beginning in the spring of 2017 growers will be able to connect their third party yield monitors to the My John Deere platform. A harness converts the message from the third party monitor … Read More

#PotatoExpo Hosts Second Annual Spud Nation Contest

Kelly MarshallAudio, Potato

The second annual Spud Nation Throwdown cooking contest was held at the 2017 Potato Expo last week, featuring international chefs preparing dishes made with potatoes from the United States. The winner of the $2500 Top Spud prize was Ian Kittichai of Thailand who prepared Beef Massaman Curry. “It’s our first dish in Thailand that we used potatoes,” said Kittichai of … Read More

Buzz About Pollinators at #PotatoExpo

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Chuck Zimmerman found Becky Langer of Bayer‘s Feed a Bee program and M. Vincent Restucci from R.D. Offutt Company buzzing with excitement at the the 2017 Potato Expo in San Fransisco, California. The two forces have joined together on behalf of pollinators– and been quite successful too. R.D. Offutt Company made a commitment to helping pollinators in 2015. They joined … Read More

It’s #PotatoExpo Time

Cindy ZimmermanEvents, Nufarm, Potato

The first agricultural meeting of the year is underway this week – the annual Potato Expo, which is being held in San Francisco, CA. Unite with others at high energy networking opportunities and gain practical business solutions at the 9th annual Potato Expo! Join more than 2,000 growers, suppliers, and experts at the largest conference and trade show for the … Read More

Potato Board Offers Innovative Ideas

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Food, Potato, technology

Blair Richardson, CEO for the United States Potato Board took time to share with Chuck Zimmerman at the recent Potato Expo about some big news announced at the event– the unveiling of  the Spud Nation food truck. This latest project by the Potato Board is a self-funding marketing program that is unlike anything attempted by a commodity board before.  Food trucks are … Read More

Syngenta Offers New Fungicide Protection For Potatoes

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, agronomy, Fungicides, Potato, Syngenta

Don Drader, a local Syngenta agronomist in the PNW region spoke with Chuck Zimmermand to give us an update on two fungicide products that Syngenta is launching in the potato market this year; Elatus and Orondis Opti. Elatus – a new rhizoctonia product, Elatus is a pre-mixture of a new chemistry, Solatenol, and an older fungicide, Quadris, that applied in-furrow … Read More

Potato Expo Attendees Excited For Velum Prime

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, agronomy, Bayer CropScience, Crop Protection, Potato

Excitement at the Potato Expo was high regarding Bayer CropScience‘s newest soon-to-be launched product for potatoes. Our own Chuck Zimmerman spoke with Joel Lipsitch, Senior Horticulture Fungicide Product Manager with Bayer CropScience, for information regarding Velum Prime, a nematicide and fungicide labeled for use in potatoes. “Velum Prime is an interesting product. It’s applied via overhead chemigation early in the … Read More

Walther Farms Adds Value With iCropTrak

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Walther Farms, a potato operation that covers more than 12,000 acres across the country, has been working with iCropTrak to develop a potato template for their farm management platform. Josh Reeves, with Walther Farms, worked with iCropTrak to develop the template and spoke with Chuck Zimmerman while at the Potato Expo. With Walther Farms covering a large amount of acres … Read More