John Deere Connects Specialty Crops from #PotatoExpo

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John Deere has something new up its sleeve again. Carl Weidemeier attended the Potato Expo in San Fransisco to show growers the latest offering for specialty crops.

Beginning in the spring of 2017 growers will be able to connect their third party yield monitors to the My John Deere platform. A harness converts the message from the third party monitor and converts it to talk to the John Deere system, allowing information to be documented on maps and uploaded to the cloud.

“Now they can login to one account and look at everything. A lot of these guys rotate through crops, so all their fields, including potatoes, can be in My John Deere, which is big for them.”

Specialty crop growers will be able to use this technology for harvest this year by stopping into their local John Deere dealership. The process of installing the harness insn’t complicated or labor intensive, but it can take a little planning to find the right connections for the specific monitor, Weidemeier explains, so a dealer can handle that.

Check out the full interview here:[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Carl Weidemeier, John Deere”]

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