Syngenta Offers New Fungicide Protection For Potatoes

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don-draderDon Drader, a local Syngenta agronomist in the PNW region spoke with Chuck Zimmermand to give us an update on two fungicide products that Syngenta is launching in the potato market this year; Elatus and Orondis Opti.

Elatus – a new rhizoctonia product, Elatus is a pre-mixture of a new chemistry, Solatenol, and an older fungicide, Quadris, that applied in-furrow at planting provides extended daughter tuber protection of rhizoc for growers. Elatus also protects against stem canker and black scurf with enhanced, early-season control.

Orondis Opti – a foliar product, Orondis Opti is a mixture of oxathiapiprolin (a brand new FRAC group) with chlorothalonil (Bravo). With multiple SOAs, this fungicide is an effective protectant and is curative for late blight in potatoes as a foliar application.

Both new products can provide a lot of value for growers in terms of protecting yield as well as marketability.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Don here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Don Drader, Syngenta”]

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