GROWMARK Offers Advice to Protect Crops this Season

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It’s been a warmer, dryer winter than normal, says Tim Laatsch with the Agronomy Division at GROWMARK.  Combining that with the wet conditions many growers are experiencing this spring puts crops at risk.  The dry windows have provided opportunity to plant some early season corn, but corn isn’t the only thing growing in the field. Winter annuals are also thriving, which … Read More

OHP Signs Agreement with Vestaron

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OHP, Inc. a leading marketer of crop protection solutions for the production ornamentals market, is partnering with Vestaron Corp. of Kalamazoo, MI to market a greenhouse bioinsecticide. Spear O provides control of thrips, whiteflies and spider mites that plague greenhouse ornamental growers. It is a toxin-derived bioinsecticide that controls pests without harming honeybees, fish, birds, humans or other mammals and … Read More

Syngenta Agrisure Viptera Demonstrates Control of Pests

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Agrisure Viptera traits offered growers effective control of above-ground pests, says Syngenta. In 2016 the products protected better against western bean cutworm and corn earworm in side by side, competitive tests. “Growers face tough decisions when selecting hybrids and trait technologies,” said Iris Tzafrir, commercial traits product lead, Syngenta. “Growers concerned about input costs may consider hybrids with little to no … Read More

Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan Unveiled

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The Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan has been released at, thanks to the collaboration of a broad cross-section of the Iowa agriculture industry. The plan offers farmers information about technology and tools like pesticides, seed treatments and biotech products and native traits to provide holistic, integrated management solutions for insects, weeds and disease. “This plan brought together a broad … Read More

Bayer Meeting Potato Growers Needs at #PotatoExpo

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Bayer brought Velum Prime plus Movento to this year’s Potato Expo in a very timely manner. Growers are facing more challenges this year than last in regards to nematode pressure, reports Nevada Smith, Marketing Manger for the Western Region. Adding Movento to Velum Prime increases yield, improves root health and offers a better return on investment, but it also has … Read More

AL Extension Warns About Soybean Loopers

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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologists are warning growers about the soybean looper, a serious pest that whose numbers are higher than average this year. Scouting efforts show infestations are worst in south and central Alabama, as the moths grow rapidly along the Gulf Coast.  Extension entomologists Dr. Ron Smith and Dr. Tim Reed encourage farmers to scout their soybean … Read More

Boll Weevil Hideouts Spotted by Aerial Survey

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Scientists for the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in College Station, Texas have developed a new technique to discover boll weevil hideouts. Growers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley typically mow cotton plants after harvest and may spray with herbicide to prevent boll weevils from living in the regrowth.  Mother Nature fights against this management plan, however, with subtropical, heavy … Read More

GROWMARK Offers Pest Guidance After Mild Winter

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While many people enjoyed this year’s mild winters, farmers struggled to enjoy the balmy break from freezing temperatures.  Instead growers have been more concerned with the affect the temperature will have had on insect pressure.  AgWired spoke with Tim Laatsch of GROWMARK to learn more about what could be in store this growing season. First, Laatsch points out, there are … Read More

NipsIt SUITE Offers Solution to Disease and Pests

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When choosing which seed protectant to use Northern Plains wheat growers consider two questions.  What will keep my seed safe from seedling diseases and insects and what is easiest to use on my farm? Valent U.S.A. Corporation hopes to help answer these questions with a new video explaining the NipsIt SUITE Cereals program. Acting as both a contact and super-systemic … Read More

Next Generation Corn from Dupont Pioneer

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A new line of corn is being released by DuPont Pioneer.  The newly branded, Pioneer brand Qrome will be available to stewarded on-farm trials for 2016.  DP 4114 is equipped with proven insect protection, strong agronomics, and high-yeilding capabilities. It includes Bt proteins from Herculex 1 and Herculex RW traits and is compatible with Pioneer brand corn germplasm from many … Read More