Potato Expo Attendees Excited For Velum Prime

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velumExcitement at the Potato Expo was high regarding Bayer CropScience‘s newest soon-to-be launched product for potatoes. Our own Chuck Zimmerman spoke with Joel Lipsitch, Senior Horticulture Fungicide Product Manager with Bayer CropScience, for information regarding Velum Prime, a nematicide and fungicide labeled for use in potatoes.

“Velum Prime is an interesting product. It’s applied via overhead chemigation early in the season at 6-12″ rosette. With that application timing, you get suppression of nematodes, the key nematode species in potatoes, as well as disease suppresion against early blight and white mold. This will really bring value in terms of yield improvement and marketability.” Joel Lipsitch, Bayer CropScience.

If you’re curious, the ‘Prime’ in Velum Prime signifies a single active ingredient in the product; Velum Prime is pure fluopyram.

Velum Prime has yet to launch as it’s in the final stages of approval. The product is open for federal registration in the next 2-4 weeks with state registration quickly following. Bayer’s intention is to bring Velum Prime to market for northern potato belt growers in the US in 2016.

Bayer CropScience was excited to be at another potato expo. “It’s always a pleasure to be at this show [Potato Expo] because I see so many growers and so many companies trying to serve those growers. All in all it’s a healthy industry so it’s good to be here.” Joel remarked.

Listen to the rest of Chuck’s interview with Joel here: [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/joel-lipsitch-bayer.mp3″ text=”Joel Lipsitch, Bayer CropScience”]

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