Bayer Meeting Potato Growers Needs at #PotatoExpo

Kelly MarshallBayer CropScience, Insect Control, Potato

Bayer brought Velum Prime plus Movento to this year’s Potato Expo in a very timely manner. Growers are facing more challenges this year than last in regards to nematode pressure, reports Nevada Smith, Marketing Manger for the Western Region. Adding Movento to Velum Prime increases yield, improves root health and offers a better return on investment, but it also has the best protection from multiple types of pests, he told Chuck Zimmerman.

Until now growers haven’t had great tools for dealing with nematode pressure; Bayer believes it’s time to switch from a one and done approach to a full season strategy instead. Last year’s results from Velum Prime plus Movento were vey positive and this year the company has increased their supply, hoping to meet the rising demand.

Of course, meeting customer needs is what Bayer is all about. “Bayer is a longtime core sponsors of Potato Expo,” Smith says. “We want to be here for growers, both for potato and vegetable production as a whole. We want to continue that partnership with MPC and we are looking to increase our awareness, our partnership with growers and provide them with the best tools overall.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Smith here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview Nevada Smith, Bayer”]

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