Potato Board Offers Innovative Ideas

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Food, Potato, technology

robert-blair Blair Richardson, CEO for the United States Potato Board took time to share with Chuck Zimmerman at the recent Potato Expo about some big news announced at the event– the unveiling of  the Spud Nation food truck.

This latest project by the Potato Board is a self-funding marketing program that is unlike anything attempted by a commodity board before.  Food trucks are gaining popularity with customers, and this top of the line truck is heading out to inform consumers about the many benefits of potatoes.

“Our objectives is to take the recipe development, education, research on nutrition, and all the attributes of potaotes and bring them to the public, where the public lives and plays through food trucks, which is the most rapidly growing segment of the food industry,” Richardson says.

This food truck is something pretty special too.  The 31 foot truck has been completely custom designed to allow chefs to create and serve multiple types of potatoes.  Every item on the menu, from main courses, to sides, to desserts, will feature potatoes prominently.  You can preview the menu and find Spud Nation’s location on the website, spud-nation.com.

Learn more about what’s going on for the U.S. Potato Board in the full interview.  [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/blair-richardson-potato-board.mp3″ text=”Blair Richardson, U.S. Potato Board”]

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