Topcon and DICKEY-john Form Alliance

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Topcon, which recently launched its new System 350 that features the new all-in-one X30 control console and its AGI-3 receiver for autosteering, has formed a strategic relationship with DICKEY-john. DICKEY-john, based in Auburn, Illinois, serves the agriculture, off-road equipment, public works and analytical instrumentation industries worldwide. They will be adding Topcon’s revolutionary X30 machine control display as a next-generation console … Read More

New Guidance Products from Leica

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Leica Geosystems just launched a full suite of new products for steering guidance, as well as new features to its mojo3D and mojoMINI displays. Leica’s SteerDirect Solutions. With many new SteerDirect solutions available, Leica Geosystems now steers a broad range of tractors, combines and sprayers across all major brands. The new SteerDirect Hydraulic option is a compact, integrated solution designed … Read More

New Advanced Seed Monitoring for Ag Leader Integra

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Get a ‘virtual seed trench view’ with the new Advanced Seed Monitoring through Ag Leader’s SeedCommand system, run through their INTEGRA monitor. Advanced Seed Monitoring provides planter performance monitoring of seed meter singulation, skips/doubles and spacing quality, along with population and spacing information for all rows when corn planting. The INTEGRA display features a full-screen planter performance view that includes … Read More

Just What the Heck is ISO 11783 and Why Should I Care?

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If you’re not a tech head, ISOBUS talk may just be a flyover term that causes one’s eyes to glaze over. In reality, it’s a great technology standard that is working toward having all electronics of all implement brands and colors speak the same language. In brief, ISO 11783 is an international standard of ‘electronic language’ that is specific to … Read More

Ag Leader Announces Four New Product Offerings

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Ag Leader Technology announces four new product offerings. 1. The GPS 2500 all-in-one antenna and GNSS receiver. The new GPS 2500 features a dual frequency receiver and the capability to receive WAAS/EGNOS, OmniSTAR XP/HP/VBS and GLONASS satellite signals. The receiver also supports e-Dif for areas where other differential signals aren’t available. “Providing the option for OmniSTAR differential correction makes the … Read More

Raven OmniRow Delivers Total Planting Control

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We talked briefly about the numerous new products from Raven during our Farm Progress Show coverage, but wanted to give you a closer look at several of them. For variable-rate seeding and planter control, check out the new OmniRow planter control, which works in sync with the company’s new Envizio Pro II field computer and optional Slingshot RTK/Online service. Population … Read More

Precision Steering Control Benefits Fall Applications

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Precision steering, whether assisted technology attached to the steering wheel or fully automated steering wired into hydraulics, can give you improved pass-to-pass accuracy, time and money savings, and less operator fatigue. I spoke the other day with Jeff Bentley, Ag Leader Technology’s sales manager for GPS Guidance and Steering, to get his take on the usefulness of non-human steering in … Read More

One-stop Control For All Fall Applications Saves Money

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As weather across the Corn Belt improved this week to help speed harvest, some farmers are either thinking about or applying fall fertilizer. I checked in with Ag Leader’s Chad Huedepohl yesterday, and he reminded me of the many benefits of controlling these product applications with their DirectCommand system linked with either the INTEGRA or EDGE displays. “Whether growers are … Read More

New Trimble Display Touts Affordable Capabilities

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Trimble recently introduced its latest in-cab, touch screen CFX-750 display. The 8-inch, full-color display allows farmers to choose the specific guidance, steering and precision agriculture capabilities that best fit their farm’s particular needs. The farmer can upgrade the CFX-750 display as business needs change, including adding GLONASS capabilities, or adding section and rate control for crop inputs such as seed, … Read More