Raven OmniRow Delivers Total Planting Control

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Displays, Guidance, Planting, Raven

We talked briefly about the numerous new products from Raven during our Farm Progress Show coverage, but wanted to give you a closer look at several of them.

For variable-rate seeding and planter control, check out the new OmniRow planter control, which works in sync with the company’s new Envizio Pro II field computer and optional Slingshot RTK/Online service.

Population control by row. Variable-rate seeding, automatic on-off planter control and real-time seed monitoring can be managed by individual rows or section. Everything you need for higher yields and eliminating costly skips, doubles and overplants.

In the zone. With OmniRow’s real-time seed monitoring and singulation ability, helping you maintain optimum tractor speed for maximum yields and efficiency is a snap. You’ll also know immediately when something’s amiss, so you can keep little things from becoming costly mistakes.

Better records. Better decisions. Documentation and mapping capability allows you to compare seed hybrid/variety selection and pest management and fertilization practices to get the very most out of your fields. With Raven’s new SmartYield yield monitoring system you don’t have to take our word for it. Come harvest time. You’ll know.

Improve your existing system. If you have a planter control system, OmniRow can make it better by using existing factory installed or after-market components. Three levels of readiness to meet your equipment needs. Available today for most popular models—and expanding.

Check out more key features and benefits.