New Advanced Seed Monitoring for Ag Leader Integra

Kurt LawtonAg Leader, Company Announcement, Displays, Planting, seed

Get a ‘virtual seed trench view’ with the new Advanced Seed Monitoring through Ag Leader’s SeedCommand system, run through their INTEGRA monitor.

Advanced Seed Monitoring provides planter performance monitoring of seed meter singulation, skips/doubles and spacing quality, along with population and spacing information for all rows when corn planting.

The INTEGRA display features a full-screen planter performance view that includes display items and bar graphs for population, singulation, skips/doubles and spacing quality. All of these features are available while the display is simultaneously performing guidance, mapping and autosteer functions.

“Growers looking to eliminate yield robbing planter problems such as poor seed spacing and singulation will find this system extremely valuable and easy to use. The INTEGRA display’s 12.1” screen provides the industry’s largest view of the performance of all rows. Problematic rows stand out with one glance at the screen,” says Roger Zielke, SeedCommand Product Manager. “A virtual seed trench view shows the placement of each seed of a problematic row to help determine if the problem is in the seed meter or seed tube.”

In addition, Advanced Seed Monitoring automatically determines and displays the rows operating at the highest and lowest levels for singulation and population. All of this functionality is joined with Ag Leader’s popular SeedCommand row shutoff and planter-drive modules on one screen. Existing INTEGRA and SeedCommand Seed Tube Monitor module owners can take advantage of Advanced Seed Monitoring with the February 2011 INTEGRA firmware update.