New Trimble Display Touts Affordable Capabilities

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Displays, GPS, Guidance, Planting, Satellite, Spraying, Variable rate

Trimble recently introduced its latest in-cab, touch screen CFX-750 display. The 8-inch, full-color display allows farmers to choose the specific guidance, steering and precision agriculture capabilities that best fit their farm’s particular needs. The farmer can upgrade the CFX-750 display as business needs change, including adding GLONASS capabilities, or adding section and rate control for crop inputs such as seed, chemicals and fertilizer.

When the built-in, dual-frequency receiver is upgraded to GLONASS, it provides the option to nearly double the number of available satellites from which to receive satellite signals.

For precision planting operations, the CFX-750 display is compatible with Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control system and Tru Count clutches and can perform section control on up to 48 sections. Add rate control with the Field-IQ system to save costs and increase yields while also keeping records of what was applied. Additionally, operators can increase visibility from the cab by using the two live video feeds on the CFX-750 display to view the implement being pulled behind the vehicle.

“The Trimble CFX-750 display features the industry-leading Trimble Maxwell 6 chip that tracks up to 44 satellites simultaneously including GLONASS,” said Erik Arvesen, vice president and general manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “This is a great high-performance, entry-level platform that can be upgraded to the Field-IQ section and rate control system as the farmer’s needs grow.”

The CFX-750 display is affordably priced starting at US$2,995 MSRP and is expected to be available in September 2010. Contact a local Trimble dealer at for more information.