One-stop Control For All Fall Applications Saves Money

Kurt LawtonAg Leader, Displays, Fertilizer, GPS, Guidance, Insights Weekly, Spraying, Variable rate

Insights WeeklyAs weather across the Corn Belt improved this week to help speed harvest, some farmers are either thinking about or applying fall fertilizer.

I checked in with Ag Leader’s Chad Huedepohl yesterday, and he reminded me of the many benefits of controlling these product applications with their DirectCommand system linked with either the INTEGRA or EDGE displays.

“Whether growers are applying granular fertilizer with a spinner spreader, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, or a combination on a strip-till toolbar, DirectCommand can control variable-rate application for each product,” he says.

Huedepohl, sales manager for DirectCommand, says growers are cutting application costs by 5 to 15 percent due to reduced overlap with AutoSwath control. “It can control up to ten sections on a boom, or even control spinner spreaders. Growers can also inject N-Serve into anhydrous or Instinct nitrogen stabilizer into a manure application,” he adds.

Use the INTEGRA display to control, adjust and record up to 5 different products in one application, or the EDGE display to handle two products. Both displays offer easy-to-use controls with on-screen guidance showing actual map coverage, and it’ll monitor up to three outside-the-cab pressure gauges.

With the INTEGRA display, all application details are captured on a Smart Report to easily generate PDF files that can be used as government certified application maps. And all data is easily transferred into SMS software for analysis and future year input needs and budgets.

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