Precision Ag Meets Customized Crop Insurance

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PartnerRe Ltd and Farmers Edge™ have joined forces to couple real-time field data with customized insurance products to help farmers around the globe.

This exclusive, four-year agreement between Farmers Edge and PartnerRe brings together precision farming technology and agriculture insurance in a landmark deal that will fundamentally advance the $5 trillion global food and agriculture industry. Under the terms of the agreement, PartnerRe and Farmers Edge will jointly develop new agriculture insurance products in main crop growing areas worldwide, aimed at addressing the specific needs and challenges of farmers.

Farmers Edge president and CEO Wade Barnes says this groundbreaking agreement will help farmers have more insurance options based on more accurate data while simultaneously opening up new financing options. “Through this partnership, Farmers Edge is making digital agronomy a reality and empowering farmers all over the globe with data-driven insights so they can maximize crop yields, make better decisions and secure tailor made insurance solutions that make sense for their market,” said Barnes.

In this interview, Barnes discusses the potential impact of the agreement, and how it could farmers in both developing countries and here at home. Audio Interview with Farmers Edge President and CEO Wade Barnes

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Ag Policy Update: Farm Bill, Budget Deals & Trade

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The Missouri Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference took place over the weekend. I was able to attend with my husband and had great intentions to not ‘work.’ But when I heard topics being discussed that are timely and others might learn from, I couldn’t help but pull out my recorder and gather some content.

Missouri Farm Bureau’s Director of National Legislative Programs, Spencer Tuma, spoke to attendees during breakout sessions providing policy updates on topics like the farm bill, infrastructure, rural broadband and trade.

If you were sleeping last Thursday night, you may not have realized a government shutdown occurred. But Spencer shares how that shutdown impacted two key commodity groups.

“What that budget agreement does is fund our government until March 23rd through a continuing resolution, but it also had some really cool agricultural provisions including fixes to the current cotton and dairy program. Cotton was not eligible for the traditional commodity programs ARC and PLC. It has the STAX Program, which was plagued with low adoption rates. The current farm bill provisions for dairy, the Margin Protection Program, needed some serious work to be more effective for our farmers and ranchers,” said Tuma.

Even though this budget agreement will only last a short time, it did make those changes to the cotton and dairy programs permanent. “By addressing these through the budget process, it actually frees up some funding baseline in the upcoming farm bill to address some of the other commodity issues,” she added.

Listen to our complete conversation to learn more about the President’s incoming budget’s impact on infrastructure and rural broadband and how changes to trade agreement KORUS could impact U.S. agriculture. Interview with Spencer Tuma, Missouri Farm Bureau

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Nebraska Congressman Praises Water for Food Forum

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Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) is very proud of the work that the Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska has been doing for the future of sustainable agriculture by encouraging the involvement of young people in the industry.

“Agriculture has become cool! I never thought I would see that,” said Fortenberry at the recent Water for Food International Forum at the World Bank. “Agriculture as a leading edge science integrated successfully into a holistic approach to ecology is capturing the imagination of many young people.”

Fortenberry says we are at a tipping point when it comes to natural resources, leading us into what he calls “economic regeneration…a holistic approach to the ecological system is the new thinking and the new dynamic,” he said.

Listen to his remarks at #Water4Food here: Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE)

2018 Water for Food Forum Photos

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John Deere Dealers Develop Applications to Help Growers

Some of the John Deere dealers who attended this year’s Develop with Deere conference are also developers. Ryan Hutchison with South Country Equipment in Regina, Saskatchewan, has been working on the John Deere Field Connect application. The app takes data, applies agronomic knowledge from the grower and the agronomist, and incorporates weather information to develop what he calls “crop intelligence.”

“With our agronomy team and feedback from our growers, we needed to develop a very quick way for growers to get insights that are actionable from Field Connect data that they can make decisions with in season, immediately,” said Hutchison.

South Country Equipment Agronomist Kendall Gee said one example would be calculating water driven yield potential and showing customers where they stand throughout the season so they can make data driven decisions, understanding what is going on below the ground in their fields.

“They’re excited to have an edge over their neighbors, to have some more data to support their decisions,” said Gee. “Many of our customers are very analytical driven. If they have better information to make better decisions, they’re happier campers.”

Gee said even though farmers can’t control the amount of moisture they have in a dryland farming situation, there are many other factors they can control to best manage the crop in any given year.

You can here Chuck’s interview with Ryan here: Interview with Ryan Hutchison, South Country Equipment

You can here Chuck’s interview with Kendall here: Interview with Kendall Gee, South Country Equipment

You can find conference photos here: 2018 Develop with Deere Conference Photo Album

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Perdue Discusses State of Rural Economy

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Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue briefed members of the House Agriculture Committee Tuesday on the current state of the rural economy and USDA’s farm bill priorities.

“We’re in a very different situation than when you last contemplated a farm bill,” said Perdue in his opening remarks. “The state of the rural economy is fragile.”

Secretary Perdue was asked about a number of issues impacting different areas of the nation, including sorghum, nutrition programs, dairy, specialty crops, trade, FMD vaccine, getting undersecretaries approved by Congress, labor and immigration, broadband access, precision ag, citrus greening, renewable fuels, cotton, and lots more.

Listen to part of the hearing here: Sec. Perdue State of Rural Economy

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Precision Ag Bytes 2/7

  • The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International has announced the appointment of the newly formed Agricultural Aerial Remote Sensing Council to serve on a steering committee and as brand ambassadors who will help develop the Trusted Operator Program for remote pilots and unmanned aircraft systems training organizations that serve the agriculture community.
  • Billi Hunt has been named the Executive Director of the Cultivation Corridor. Hunt brings 20 years of experience working for one of the leading agriculture companies in the state. Hunt joins the Cultivation Corridor after working as the Government Affairs Manager — U.S. Central Region for DuPont.
  • Case IH and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, have announced a new partnership that will extend and develop a portfolio of data sharing capabilities to help farmers with real-time agronomic visualization and decision-making solutions. Case IH will provide customers two-way data connectivity between the AFS Connect™ precision farming platform and The Climate Corporation’s industry-leading Climate FieldView™ digital agriculture platform.
  • The National Association of Conservation Districts swore in First Vice President Tim Palmer as the next president-elect at the member organization’s 72nd Annual Meeting Appreciation Banquet in Nashville, Tenn. The NACD Board of Directors elected Palmer to serve as the organization’s next president-elect where he will serve a one-year term alongside President Brent Van Dyke.
  • AgGateway’s ADAPT Framework, which is designed to make it easy for various hardware and software systems that growers use in their businesses to “talk to each other”, now has a new tool to help developers: the ADAPT ISO Plugin. AgGateway has released Version 2 of the ADAPT ISO Plugin, making it easier for Farm Management Information Systems to read and write data to/from displays and terminals that use the ISOXML specification.
  • Vinduino and eVineyard will announce two new products at the World Ag Expo 2018 in Tulare, Calif. The new eOrchard grove management application optimizes the use of scarce resources, saving time and cost. The Vinduino wireless irrigation valve controller is optimized for working with the eVineyard and eOrchard applications, and accurately and securely controls irrigation for optimal water use and achieving the desired crop targets.
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Scouting With Aerial Precision Imagery

Jeff Buyck and Mark Grout, Jr.

While many farmers have embraced the technology available to scout fields with unmanned aerial vehicles, Jeff Buyck with C&B Operations has taken things a bit further. The John Deere dealer from South Dakota uses manned aircraft to scout fields and help area farmers identify problem spots more quickly.

“It’s really being able to detect an issue before you can see it,” said Buyck. “By the time you see it, it’s too late. Farming is very visual. You drive down the road, my crop looks good, it doesn’t look good. I see an issue here. When we fly over with near infrared optics, it’s what the naked eye can’t see.”

Buyck said a manned aircraft can also get from field to field much more quickly than scouts traveling over the road. The dealership partners with Aerial Precision Imagery out of St. Paul, Minnesota, which provides the high resolution photography. After the data is processed, it can be uploaded to the John Deere Operations Center.

You can here Chuck’s interview with Jeff here: Interview with Jeff Buyck, C&B Operations

You can find conference photos here: 2018 Develop with Deere Conference Photo Album

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Water For Food Charts the Way Forward

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The Water for Food International Forum last week ended on a high note as more than 40 high-level participants from around the globe shared their vision for and commitment to how the private and public sectors can work toward expanding access to irrigation.

Kicking off the very large round table discussion was World Food Programme Ambassador Ertharin Cousin, Distinguished Fellow Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Cousin gave a passionate address about the critical importance of irrigation. “When asked what keeps me up at night, I talk about irrigation,” she said. “Because to achieve the outcome of ending hunger, irrigation is manifest.”

Cousin says she is pleased to see the partnership between the Daugherty Global Institute at the University of Nebraska and The World Bank. “What (they) have done is catalyze the conversation,” said Cousin. “This conference began the dialogue amongst leaders about what’s already happening and what we need to do differently.

“We will end hunger and we will make agriculture productive across the global community,” Cousin says confidently.

Listen to Cousin’s inspiring address and my interview with her by clicking on the links below:

WFF18 Ertharin Cousin, Ambassador World Food Programme

Interview with Ertharin Cousin, Ambassador World Food Programme

Water for Food Virtual Newsroom
2018 Water for Food Forum Photos

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Dealers Seek Solutions for Growers at Develop with Deere

The 2018 Develop with Deere conference saw growth in the number of local equipment dealers attending, as they continue to seek solutions that will help their customers.

“They’re certainly looking to fill gaps in the Operations Center that are specific needs to their customers in their areas. That varies greatly,” said Brad Silva, Platform Marketing with John Deere. “It doesn’t matter what the solution is – a lot of interest across the board from the dealer group.”

Silva said 2018 John Deere combines and sprayers will now be equipped with the Generation 4 CommandCenter, which is already available on large tractors. The benefits include real time streaming into the Operations Center every 30 seconds. But the Generation 4 data format is not compatible with John Deere’s legacy system, APEX. Dealers are looking to help their customers get into that new Operations Center, possibly with the help of software tools represented at this year’s conference.

You can here Chuck’s interview with Brad here: Interview with Brad Silva, John Deere

You can find conference photos here: 2018 Develop with Deere Conference Photo Album

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TapLogic Provides ‘Ease and Control’ in Soil Sampling

Cyrus Alexander and Jason Klotz, TapLogic

Growers who want to handle soil sampling on their own terms might appreciate the connection between John Deere and TapLogic, a longtime leader in “do it yourself” soil sampling.

“We really built everything with the grower in mind first,” said Cyrus Alexander with TapLogic. “It’s ease and control. Control is a big thing… control and choice. A grower gets to have his own account, his own farms and fields. He samples. He knows the quality of the samples, where he’s pulling them, what he’s testing for. And then from there, he gets to see his results and see what he needs to put down where. He’s telling himself now what fertilizer he needs to put and the prescriptions he needs to help. And we just help him along the way.”

Alexander said growers can use the company’s Soil Test Pro software to schedule sampling and gather that information through the John Deere Operations Center, giving them more control over the soil sampling process. Alexander was at the 2018 Develop with Deere conference.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Cyrus here: Interview with Cyrus Alexander, TapLogic

You can find conference photos here: 2018 Develop with Deere Conference Photo Album

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