AgStudio and Variable Rate Management

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mapshots-14-shauna-2We already heard from Clint Ingram with MapShots, who talked about the AgStudio Expo event, now we hear from his lovely wife Shauna who is also part of the MapShots family in the documentation and testing area.

Shauna talked about how AgStudio works for Variable Rate Management. “It allows you to do as much detail as you want as far as getting out that variable rate prescription,” she said. “If you have a very simple formula that works for you, we have a way to do that. If you have a very complex calculation that takes you from a set of variables to an actual product or seeding rate, then we can do that.”

Shauna says AgStudio has what she calls a “Script Wizard” for nutrient, product and seeding recommendations. “The great thing about the wizard is you don’t have to use every piece, it walks you through and allows you to pick the pieces you need to come up with the unique recommendations that work for your ground.”

Interview with Shauna Ingram, MapShots AgStudio

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AgStudio, Audio, MapShots, Software, technology Cindy ZimmermanAgStudio and Variable Rate Management

AgStudio Updates and Future Expansion

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mapshots-14-macyMapShots AgStudio is a constantly evolving product and development manager Ted Macy today gave an overview of the AgStudio of today with current updates and future expansions.

One of the most interesting components that really caught the attention of MapShots customers at the AgStudio expo was AgStudio Select. “That’s the web version of our AgStudio desktop,” said Macy, who noted that their developers have quietly been adding the functionality of the desktop product to the web version, “so we felt like it was really time to let the world know that application was out there.” Macy said that as soon as he told attendees about AgStudio Select they started checking it out on their computers and tablets.

Macy also talked about privacy, the unique features of the AgStudio cloud, mobile applications, AgDirector developments, how they work with other companies like John Deere, and what’s coming next. Whether you are a current customer or interested in learning more about how AgStudio might benefit your operation, listen to the interview and learn more on the MapShots website.

Interview with Ted Macy, MapShots AgStudio

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AgStudio, Audio, Data Collection, Farmers, MapShots, Software, technology Cindy ZimmermanAgStudio Updates and Future Expansion

MapShots AgStudio Expo Underway

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mapshots-clintThe 2014 InfoAg Expo kicks off tomorrow at St. Louis Union Station, but prior to that event, MapShots has brought in about 140 farmers and crop consultants for an AgStudio Expo today.

“Little day session that goes through some of the aspects of AgStudio and that line of products from the farm version to the pro version,” said Clint Ingram of MapShots. Interview with Clint Ingram, MapShots

This event is all about Big Data management and we will be learning about variable rate management, agronomic data management, and tools to simplify the complex business of managing a farming operation. Stay tuned here for full coverage of today’s event, as well as continuing coverage of InfoAg Expo this week.

AgStudio Expo Photo Album

Agribusiness, Audio, Data Collection, MapShots, Software, technology Cindy ZimmermanMapShots AgStudio Expo Underway

Weyerhaeuser & DuPont Enter Technology License Agreement

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Dupont PioneerWeyerhaeuser Company announced a technology license agreement with DuPont Pioneer that will advance seed technologies to help meet growing global demands for food, feed and fiber.

The agreement brings together agricultural and forestry know-how to sustainably improve crop productivity for corn growers around the world. Based on scientific research behind years of Weyerhaeuser NR sustainable forestry, the manufactured seed technology allows for the storage, nourishment, planting and germination of cells capable of growing into a plant. This technology provides a means to cost-effectively regenerate valuable, limited or fragile plant material.

“DuPont Pioneer is pleased to work with Weyerhaeuser to build upon our robust pipeline of enabling technologies,” said John Arbuckle, vice president, Crop Genetics Research and Development for DuPont Pioneer. “We are committed to helping growers be more productive and profitable on every acre. This new agreement provides access to cutting edge technology to support that objective.”

Agribusiness, Company Announcement, Dupont Pioneer Jamie JohansenWeyerhaeuser & DuPont Enter Technology License Agreement

Monitoring Weather Risks Using Predictive Models

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the_climate_corporation_logoMoorea Brega, Climate Corporation, spoke during the Sponsor Showcase at the recent International Conference for Precision Agriculture. She shared how the company quickly changed their focus of looking at weather risks for all industries and fine tuned their resources keeping the farmer at their focal point.

“The way that we did that was by using predictive modeling. Once you build these predictive models that tell you what you think your yield is given various weather events throughout the season it’s a very obvious step from their to move into making recommendations.”

She goes on to discuss these decision support tools and specifically nitrogen management.

“My goal today was to try and convince you that fertilizer practices are really really good use of precision agriculture and one of the best way to approach this is using predictive modeling. But predictive models need high quality nutrients if you want to make them as accurate as possible.”

Listen to Moorea complete talk here: Address from Moorea Brega, Climate Corporation

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International Conference on Precision Agriculture is sponsored by SST Software
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Ag Leader at InfoAg Conference

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Insights WeeklyJuly 29-31, growers, crop consultants and other industry representatives will be able to find Ag Leader experts at the InfoAg Conference at Union Station in St. Louis, Mo. On Thursday at 10 a.m., Luke James, Ag Leader Software Sales Manager, will be presenting a session on AgFiniti, Ag Leader’s new cloud-based platform. The event is free to all attendees.

Listen to James as he gives an overview of the learning session.

Listen to James explain

Become a fan of Ag Leader on Facebook today, and get the latest precision ag videos on the YouTube channel. For more information about Ag Leader products and services, or to visit the blog site, go to

Ag Leader, Insights Weekly Melissa SandfortAg Leader at InfoAg Conference

Professor Discusses Precision Weed Control at ICPA

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slaughter-podiumDr. David Slaughter is a Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis and spoke on using precision technology in weed control at the International Conference on Precision Agriculture.

“The big challenge and why we don’t see commercial products in precision imaging is because a natural environment is a complicated one. When we see the weeds and the crop plants they are often intermingled. A traditional shape-based machine often fails. What we have been using is a point-based technique to get additional information.”

Throughout his talk Dr. Slaughter discusses using x-ray with crop sensing verse using a laser. Along with automated in-row hoeing in GPS planting and the challenges it brings to the table.

Listen to an interview with David by AgNet West reporter Sabrina Hill here: Interview with Dr. David Slaughter

Listen to David’s complete keynote address here: Dr. David Slaughter's Keynote Address

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International Conference on Precision Agriculture is sponsored by SST Software
Agribusiness, ICPA, technology, Weed control Jamie JohansenProfessor Discusses Precision Weed Control at ICPA

New NK® Soybean Varieties for 2015

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Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.55.39 PMGrowing conditions and pest pressures constantly evolve. But NK® soybeans keep pace with growers’ needs by offering 21 new varieties to help their crop start strong for the 2015 season. The seeds of change are here, and Syngenta has them. These varieties address various growing conditions across the country and were developed using the Syngenta Yield Engineering System (Y.E.S.).

“We know that no two fields are alike,” said Doug Tigges, soybeans genetics product manager at Syngenta. “Our new varieties feature the latest herbicide technology traits and address a wide range of needs, including maturity, standability, stress tolerance, and disease and pest resistance. Whether you have poorly drained soils, high pH levels or escalating problems with soybean cyst nematode, NK soybean varieties offer the needed built-in defensive traits with higher yield potential.”

NK soybeans are backed by 45 years of soybean breeding expertise. The launch of NK brand soybeans in the early ‘70s paved the way to the current broad portfolio of varieties. NK soybeans continue their long track record of employing the most innovative breeding technologies through Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. brings an efficient, proactive approach to delivering better genetics, agronomic traits and higher-yielding varieties to the field. This system combines a large, advanced germplasm pool from Syngenta using its proprietary technology and processes. It enables a faster breeding cycle for genetic gain. The lineup of high-performing NK varieties is tailored to specific growing environments.

The 21 new NK soybean varieties offer a wide range of agronomic benefits, such as strong emergence, standability, stress tolerance and resistance to numerous yield-limiting diseases and pests. These resistances include soybean cyst nematode, sudden death syndrome, white mold, iron deficiency chlorosis, root knot nematode and Phytophthora root rot. In addition to providing industry-leading traits, these new 2015 offerings are available for soybean growers in a wide range of choices, from maturity groups 00 through V.

As farming operations continue to become more efficient and profitable, so do the genetics and technology found in NK soybeans. Growers can speak with their local NK retailer or Syngenta Seed Advisor to learn which of the 21 new NK varieties is best suited for their fields so they can grow more soybeans in 2015.

Agribusiness, seed, Soybeans, Syngenta Jamie JohansenNew NK® Soybean Varieties for 2015

GROWMARK Picks AgIntegrated for Info Platform

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agintegratedGROWMARK has teamed up with AgIntegrated (AGI) for the development of FS Advanced Information Services (FS AIS), a suite of tools to “connect data, analysis, insight, and application into one complete user experience for advanced field optimization.”

AgIntegrated is an independent provider of ag information management consulting and technologies based in Pennsylvania and President Duane Reese says they are excited to be working with GROWMARK.

“GROWMARK shares our vision of a modern, connected system that enables the best of today’s technologies from across the industry, while maintaining a close eye on usability and future information needs,” said Reese. “I am particularly thrilled that FS AIS will be using a majority of our Onsite platform for their data movement, processing, and storage needs”

growmarklogoGROWMARK manager of Agronomy Information Services Sid Parks explains their goals for FS AIS. “The basic product is to provide a tool to our members that allows them the ability to have field boundaries to store data like soil tests, as-applied maps, yield maps, all sorts of data being collected,” said Parks, noting that precision farming really started for GROWMARK some 20 years ago. “We wanted something that could provide a suite of tools in one place that allows access to multiple types of data … and further have that spatial data be able to talk to our accounting systems so we can have an integrated solution there.”

Parks says they already have beta versions of the software being tested and they hope to have it finished by the fall. Interview with Sid Parks, GROWMARK

Audio, Data Collection, Growmark, technology Cindy ZimmermanGROWMARK Picks AgIntegrated for Info Platform

Cellulosic Ethanol – Innovation at it’s Finest

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New Holland ZimmPollOur latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What are your thoughts on cellulosic ethanol?”

As the possibility of cellulosic ethanol grows it looks like popularity will as well. We may be far from buying it at the pump, but people still seem to be excited about the technological innovation.

Here are the poll results:

  • Innovation making it happen – 43.2%
  • Very important renewable fuel – 21.6%
  • Still years away from commercial market – 27%
  • Will never work – 2.7%
  • What the heck is it? – 5.4%

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, How can technology make farming even better?

We’ve been covering lots of precision farming conferences this summer, from the recent Precision Aerial Ag Show in Illinois, to this week’s International Conference on Precision Ag in California, to next week’s InfoAg Expo in St. Louis. Sometimes it seems like farming can’t get any more technological – but can it? What would you like to see on the farm that has yet to become commercially available?

ZimmPoll Jamie JohansenCellulosic Ethanol – Innovation at it’s Finest