Syngenta Offers Choices for 2020 with NK Soybeans

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Syngenta is bolstering its already strong NK Soybean platform with different traits that will help farmers when it comes to fighting weed pressure in their fields.

“Soybeans used to be easy. It used to be the easy button. But today, it’s a lot more complex,” said Jim Shertzer, Head of NK Marketing for Syngenta. “And what we’ve learned is with that complexity, you have to offer choices to help growers manage through these different things that they’re having to manage, which is weeds, risk… and trying to find a return on investment as it relates to soybeans.”

Syngenta is offering 68 new varieties available for the 2020 season, including Enlist E3™ soybeans, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and LibertyLink® GT27™. As many are ready to put a challenging 2019 behind them, Shertzer pointed out the importance of having trusted advisors and partners as growers make decisions for the 2020 growing season.

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GROWMARK Vetting New Technology with AgValidity

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GROWMARK‘s AgValidity platform is allowing the company to work with new companies offering innovative technologies in order to test out products and services that could be beneficial to their member companies.

“The number one thing that we hear farmers talk about and that we’re talking with our crop specialists about is that ‘one click to value.’ There are a lot of really exciting new technologies out there right now, but figuring out which ones are real, which ones are providing the best value, and then doing it quickly and efficiently so the grower just has to see he’s got a problem and a couple of clicks later has already solved it,” said Katie Hansen, GROWMARK Agronomy Project Manager.

Hansen said the new MyField 365 app is an example of a technology product where GROWMARK worked with other companies to bring different layers of data together for the benefit of growers. Hansen shared the cooperative’s findings with visitors to the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

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Get to Know IntelliFarms

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Driving profitability back to growers is the name of the game for IntelliFarms, a technology company offering a platform to help growers make better decisions on a daily basis.

While farmers are often looking at ways to increase yield or increase acres, IntelliFarms can help them to become more profitable with what they already have within their operation.

“One of the things we can provide is with the acres that you have, if you are able to make better decisions and farm smarter, you can be more profitable with what you do have,” said Brett Andricks, Vice President of Strategic Division.

That could include matching growers up with processor who offer premiums for specific products, or helping them to transition into growing varieties that might pay more. Andricks said helping farmers to prove traceability and sustainability from seed to market can often improve profitability, and the company offers that through the SureTrack PRO platform. He said IntelliFarms works in nearly every state as well as eight countries, currently managing and marketing more than 80 different crops. Andricks was at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Brett here: Interview with Brett Andricks, IntelliFarms

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Channel Brand Seedsmen Lend Vital Support

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As farmers anticipate harvest and begin to plan for next year, a trusted support system could be vital to future success.

“The difficult part about planning for 2020 is going to be understanding what is usable information in 2019 and what is not,” said Brock Helgerson, Channel Brand Marketing Lead. “I think having a trusted partner like a Channel Seedsman going into 2020 planting is going to be a key element of that, because you’re going to need somebody that saw a lot of crops, is very familiar with our products, how they should be placed. Going into 2020 it’s going to be key to have a partner like that.”

Helgerson spoke to visitors to the Bayer exhibit at the 2019 Farm Progress Show, where he shared a message about the support available from a Channel Seedsman throughout the entire growing season from product purchase to delivery to scouting to developing a harvest plan.

He said Channel continues to move new products through the research and development process, like the recently introduced Channel Protexus corn products, offering high tolerance to four diseases that are prevalent across the Corn Belt every year.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Brock here: Interview with Brock Helgerson, Bayer

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Precision Ag Bytes 9/11

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  • Fieldin, which has developed an all-in-one farm management platform that helps specialty crop growers optimize all of their field operations, has secured $12 million in financing to fuel company growth and expand its precision agriculture technology.
  • The new Vermeer 604 R-series balers feature a range of components, features and options. Three 6 ft x 4 ft (1.8 m x 1.2 m) models — Classic, Signature and Premium — offer unique combinations that provide the right levels of sophistication, performance, speed and versatility to meet the needs of just about every hay producer.
  • The Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business will host the National Conference for Food and Agribusiness on November 6-7, 2019 on the university’s West Lafayette, IN campus. Register here.
  • Celebrating 45 years of New Holland-pioneered Twin Rotor® technology, 2020 will mark an exciting year for the agriculture equipment leader in combines. The CR Series 2020 models will feature a significant power upgrade, the revolutionary proactive IntelliSense™ system, and significant cab and capacity improvements.
  • Delair and Geosys announced a partnership aimed at expanding the options for gathering and analyzing data for enhanced crop inputs placement, seed production and crop monitoring practices. This partnership will deliver a single analytics platform with seamless integration of high-value drone and satellite data to better meet the needs of today’s precision agriculture users.
  • Working toward earning his Precision Agriculture Technology certificate from the University of Missouri, Bo Young understands the importance of implementing precision practices on the farm. Young, who is also a climate activation specialist with The Climate Corporation, works with farmers and producers, helping them incorporate Climate FieldView technology in their operations. Young and The Climate Corporation are now partnering with MU Extension and the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources to bring important technology and datasets to the CAFNR Agricultural Research Centers.
  • Blue-and-gold bags of Mycogen® brand seed are back for the 2019-20 season. Mycogen Seeds is continuing its Turn the Bag Blue & Gold program with the National FFA Organization for the third straight year. The program has raised more than $56,000 for a total of 12 FFA chapters across the Corn Belt throughout the past two years. Participating FFA members learn foundational agronomic principles and professional sales training while raising funds for their local FFA chapters, state FFA associations and National FFA Organization.
  • Case IH is releasing two new boom styles and a new tank option available on the Patriot® 4440 sprayer. By increasing the size of the tank and the length of the booms, and reducing the overall weight of the sprayer, operators can make the most of application windows.
  • The plant and soil experts at Brookside Agra have developed a unique Digester Program that utilizes its natural products H2OExcel™ and Advanced Bio Pro™ to return 20-30% of valuable biomass nutrients back into the soil, therefore reducing the amount of nutrients growers would need to apply in the spring.

Syngenta Excited About EU Approval of Agrisure Duracade®

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At the end of July, Syngenta received highly-anticipated import approval for the Agrisure Duracade® trait (event 5307) from the European Commission. The approval covers corn grain and its derived products for food and feed use within the countries of the European Union (EU).

At the 2019 Farm Progress Show, Syngenta Seeds Head of Marketing Eric Boeck said farmers are excited because the Agrisure Duracade trait gives a new rotational option for CRW management for a healthier corn crop and higher yield potential.

Learn more in this interview:
Interview with Eric Boeck, Syngenta Seeds

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GROWMARK FS Focused on Farmer Profitability

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While many Midwestern farmers are focused on getting the current crop to maturity, they are also planning for a late harvest and making decisions for next year’s growing season.

“Looking to the future, we’re trying to figure out different ways where we can help them be more efficient and more profitable,” said David Powell, Sr. Agronomy Services Manager with GROWMARK FS. “With commodity prices the way they are, profitability is key. So we’re looking at aerial imagery, things that allow them to spot issues in the field before maybe your naked eye can, so that we can go out there and focus our crop scouting and put the right input on the right acre.”

Powell said fungicides offered great benefit in some areas this year, especially when late rains came. He said a lesson for many farmers in 2019 was the importance of applying pre-emergence herbicides to ensure fields start clean and stay clean. Powell said the FS System is committed to training farmers and applicators when it comes to products like dicamba as it is vital to keep these types of technologies available.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with David here: Interview with David Powell, GROWMARK

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FMC PrecisionPac Innovation Simplifies Custom Blends

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The right custom blend herbicide in just the right amount is what FMC’s PrecisionPac® application innovation offers for retail agronomists to create prescriptive blends specific to each grower, crop and field.

The revolutionary PrecisionPac® application innovation dispenses up to 50 custom blends of six granular herbicides to prescriptively target your fields’ weed challenges. The PrecisionPac machine premeasures and mixes your custom blends so you don’t have to, and it fits your field or sprayer-tank size. You buy only what you need in a convenient, disposable bag so there’s nothing left over when the job is done.

FMC PrecisionPac Product Manager Chris Barge talked about the development of the technology during an interview at the 2019 Farm Progress Show.
Interview with Chris Barge, FMC PrecisionPac

Fungicides Offer More Than Disease Protection

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Late planting across the Midwest in 2019 exposed farmers to a different set of problems than they might have faced otherwise, especially when it comes to disease pressure.

“Late planted corn responds more to a fungicide than early planted corn does,” said Randy Myers, Fungicide Product Development Manager with Bayer. “There are a whole bunch of reasons for that. The plant itself is more vulnerable and also, the soils are usually warmer with that later planting, so with the warmer soils the pathogens are also more active. So there’s more inoculum.”

But as farmers worked to control disease, they may have increased productivity in those fields.

“One of the neat things about fungicides is, if you’ve got the right chemistries, they also trigger physiological reactions in the plant to make them more reactive and less vulnerable to stress,” said Myers.

He said the Climate FieldView platform is helping farmers to pull together the needed information to improve decision making when it comes to using fungicides and other choices. Myers was at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Randy here: Interview with Randy Myers, Bayer

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Syngenta Introduces Saltro for SDS

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Syngenta has received EPA registration for its newest seed treatment, Saltro® fungicide.

Formulated to deliver superior protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes without causing plant stress, Saltro will be available for the 2020 growing season. Saltro contains Adepidyn® fungicide, an extremely powerful SDHI mode of action, which outperforms older chemistries and provides higher potential yield.

“For the first time ever, growers will have a seed treatment option for protecting their soybeans against SDS and nematodes that doesn’t cause additional stress on the plant and enables soybeans to reach their full genetic potential,” said Dale Ireland, Ph.D., technical product lead for Syngenta Seedcare. “With Saltro, we’ve seen a statistically significant yield increase of 3 bu/A over the current standard in heavy SDS environments1. It’s definitely an upgrade for SDS protection.”

Saltro also delivers robust activity across a broad spectrum of nematode species, including Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) – the No. 1 yield-robbing pest in soybeans and a major contributor to SDS infection.

“SDS and SCN are large concerns for soybean growers,” said Ireland. “Severe SDS infection can cause up to 50% yield loss2, and SCN has cost about $1.5 billion in U.S. yield loss3. Since Saltro provides protection against both, it will complement SDS- and SCN-resistant varieties to help soybeans maximize their yield potential.”

Beyond the SDS and nematode protection Saltro provides, growers can also look forward to their soybeans having better stands, healthier leaves and more robust early-season root mass development.

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