Enogen Feed Energizing Livestock Rations

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Beef and dairy producers are finding they can increase efficiency by feeding Enogen corn hybrids, which Syngenta originally developed for the ethanol industry.

Enogen hybrids change the corn starch into sugar more quickly and efficiently, and research has shown that it is a similar process that takes place in ruminant animals. Streamlining that process helps the animals to convert that sugar into energy more quickly, making them more efficient producers of beef or milk. That has proven to reduce feed costs for livestock producers.

“In a typical feedlot setting, we’re going to see a gain of about $25 to $27 per head in a finishing cycle in a beef feedlot system, and we’re going to see about a dollar per head per day in a dairy situation,” said Duane Martin, who manages the Agrisure traits portfolio for Syngenta.

Martin said Enogen hybrids are easy to manage compared to other specialty hybrids on the market today.

“That’s really the beauty of Enogen feed corn. You don’t have to manage it differently than another elite corn hybrid. These are excellent corn hybrids. We’ve got a full lineup and can likely find an excellent hybrid with the right trait package to fit every farmer’s needs,” said Martin. “Secondly, you plant these, manage them, and harvest them just like you would any other corn hybrid. You do not have to harvest them for grain or silage. You can do either. And then once you feed that corn either as grain or silage, you’re likely to see that five percent efficiency gain.”

He said Syngenta continues to invest about $1.3 billion each year in extensive research to continue to bring new products and technologies that will add value to the marketplace.

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