Enogen Feed Energizing Livestock Rations

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Beef and dairy producers are finding they can increase efficiency by feeding Enogen corn hybrids, which Syngenta originally developed for the ethanol industry. Enogen hybrids change the corn starch into sugar more quickly and efficiently, and research has shown that it is a similar process that takes place in ruminant animals. Streamlining that process helps the animals to convert that … Read More

New Deere Forage Harvesters are More Efficient

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Whether you are a beef or dairy producer, or a custom harvester, there is a new John Deere 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) for you. Chris Borgman, Deere Product Marketing Manager for Commercial Hay and Forage Products, introduced the new models at the World Dairy Expo earlier this month in Madison, Wisconsin. “What it all boils down to is … Read More

New Deere Forage Harvesters Help Maintain Quality

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The all-new 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters can provide producers with both high-capacity harvesting and high quality forage, according to Tim Meister, division manager for marketing at John Deere, who spoke to producers at World Dairy Expo last week. “Ultimately, high-quality feed helps livestock producers improve their feeding efficiency, animal health and productivity, while reducing their feeding costs,” said Meister. … Read More

Arable Announces Improved Certainty with Pulsepod

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Arable Labs Inc. pioneered data-driven land management, and now they’re continuing forward with ground-breaking Pulsepod.  This solar powered IoT device offeres advanced sensing technology; a six band spectrometer, 4-way net radiometer and advanced acoustic rain gauge.  Together, these tool provide complete, in-field monitoring, measuring 40 observation streams.  Pulsepod can sense rain, hail, canopy leaf area, crop water demand, environmental stresses, microclimate, … Read More

Iowa Farmer Brings Unique Spin To Soil Health Project

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John Maxwell was introduced to the idea of soil health last year at Commodity Classic. From there, he became excited about it and signed up to become a demo farmer with the Soil Health Partnership (SHP) to learn how cover crops could impact the soil on his farm. Years ago, Maxwell originally got into cover crops years ago to feed … Read More

California Farmer Honored for Blackbird Protection

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A dairy farmer from Tipton, California was recognized for his efforts to protect the Tricolored Blackbird in his state.   Frank Mendonsa is the President of Western United Dairymen and the owner of the silage fields that became a temporary nesting grounds for the emergency-listed birds.  Mendonsa delayed his harvest to allow the birds to raise their young. “When the … Read More

WOTUS Interpretive Rule Pulled

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The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have at least ditched part of the WOTUS rule. The Interpretive Rule Regarding the Applicability of Clean Water Act Section related to the proposed Waters of the United States (WOTUS) was officially withdrawn by EPA and the Corps in a memo last Thursday, January 29. Congress requested asked for … Read More

Hick Chick Chat talks Feed Beets

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While at the World Dairy Expo my colleague, Jamie, stopped by to learn more about feed beets as feed additive. According to Lisa Butzer, marketing manager Feed Beets are a sweet improvement to dairy rations and margins. Feed Beets are a high dry-matter beet hybrid grown for dairy cow rations. When added to rations as a forage source, you can … Read More

Hick Chick Chat: New Pavilions at WDE 2014

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This edition of the Hick Chick Chat heads to the 2014 World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. It’s the premiere event for the dairy industry. This year, exhibitors at the 2014 World Dairy Expo are the first to break in the New Holland Pavilions. My colleague, Jamie Johnansen was in Wisconsin this past week for the 2014 event. A unique addition … Read More

GEA Adds Eating Time Analysis to CowScout™

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Electronically monitoring cows for activity helps to automate the heat detection process, and supply more accurate breeding information for increased pregnancy rates. Activity monitors can also alert producers to health challenges ahead of clinical signs being visually observed, allowing for earlier treatment and avoiding a potential drop in milk production. To increase monitoring capabilities, GEA Farm Technologies has added eating … Read More