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PrecisonPays.com is a website specifically designed to bring you the latest information and resources on guidance and other precision technology for agriculture. We’ll be bringing you new and updated information several times a week so make sure you bookmark this website or subscribe to our RSS feed.

To jump start us, this week we’ll be featuring posts from the Commodity Classic in Tampa, FL where we’ll see that latest being offered by John Deere, the sponsor of precision.agwired.com. You’ll find pictures and interviews to listen to and we hope you enjoy what you see and hear. Please feel free to use the comment feature to submit your comments.

We’re excited to bring you the latest in agricultural precision technology using the latest in communications tools.

The John Deere WIN Session

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At Commodity Classic this week John Deere will be hosting a What Is New (WIN) session on Friday from 1:00-4:00pm. It’s during this session that the winners of the Reach For the Stars program will be announced.

During the session John Deere will cover their full line of precision guidance products and software. Total tractor automation is now possible with the new precision guidance system, iTEC Pro, and product experts will be available to explain the details of this new technology. We’ll be there to conduct interviews and post information right here for you to read and listen to.

John Deere Says Reach For The Stars

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John DeereThe sponsor of precision.agwired.com is John Deere and one of the programs they have devoted to precision farming is called “Reach For The Stars.”

This is an especially timely post with Commodity Classic coming up this week in Tampa, FL. In fact, I’ll be there to bring you all the latest from John Deere at this annual event which is the simultaneous annual meetings of the National Corn Growers Association, the American Soybean Association and the National Association of Wheat Growers.

During Commodity Classic the growers who have been selected to receive a precision ag system in the Reach For the Stars program will be announced. John Deere representative, Seth Crawford explains what the program is all about: Listen to MP3 Seth Crawford (1 min mp3)

“New AMS solutions are expanding to include functionality on non-John Deere equipment as well,” said Seth Crawford, AMS Marketing Manager. “So I am encouraging all growers, regardless of the color of your equipment, to take advantage of this program, and experience how precision ag can bring more efficiency to your operation.”