Precision Sprays

Cindy Zimmerman

Lee Madden is product manager in the sprayer marketing group with John Deere and he was busy at the 2008 Commodity Classic trade show in Nashville this week telling growers about the new 30 series line up. Among the changes in the new series is standard precision features, like the GS2 monitor. “That’s the color touch screen display for the …

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Precision Ag Reports

Cindy Zimmerman

We continue to receive reports from farm broadcasters about precision agriculture. Our latest reports come from Duane Toews of KFRM, the “Voice of the Plains” in Clay Center, Kansas. Duane interviewed Kyle Collins of John Deere Ag Management Solutions at Commodity Classic. Duane Interview with Kyle (3:30 min mp3) Duane also talked with Jeff Kaiser of John Deere Agri Services …

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OptiGro Sound Bite

Cindy Zimmerman

Here is a short sound bite, courtesy of Cyndi Young with Brownfield Network, that explains the advantage of John Deere’s OptiGro System for corn and wheat growers in less than 30 seconds. Jeff Kaiser with John Deere’s Agri Services does the explaining. “The real difference is getting an image when you want it and getting it quickly after it’s taken,” …

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Cindy Zimmerman

The industry leader in sprayers is even better with precision technology. The John Deere 4720 was on display at the 2007 Commodity Classic, pictured here with Craig Weynand, Division Marketing Manager for John Deere Sprayers. Weynand says the 4720 is their most popular sprayer, “This machine is really tailored to the corn and soybean producer in the Midwest and the …

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Soybean Grower Award for John Deere

Cindy Zimmerman

Deere and Company was honored for its support of the American Soybean Association at the organization’s annual banquet last week in Tampa. Accepting the award from ASA President Rick Ostlie (right) on behalf of John Deere was Don Borgman, director of Agricultural Industry Relations for John Deere’s North American operation. Deere partnered with ASA on the “Reach for the Stars” …

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Commodity Classic Photo Album

Cindy Zimmerman

Precision agriculture was definitely in the spotlight at the 2007 Commodity Classic in Tampa. Attendance at the meeting was over 4,000 with wheat growers joining the corn and soybean grower groups for the first time. Here’s a link to a set of photos from around and about the show. Take a look and see if you spot anyone you know!

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Introducing Corn and Wheat OptiGro to the Media

Cindy Zimmerman

There are about 100 agricultural reporters attending the 2007 Commodity Classic this week in Tampa who are busy writing, recording and photographing the events and products to bring back to those who are unable to attend. Many of those reporters were on hand Friday for the introduction of John Deere’s OptiGro System for corn and wheat growers. John Mann, Vice …

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Winning With Swath Control Pro for Planters

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the WIN Sessions at the Commodity Classic on Friday was focused on John Deere’s Swath Control Pro for planters. The presentation, given by Kyle Collins with John Deere’s Ag Management Solutions, explained to the group how the Swath Control technology can allow for more use of seed to help growers improve planter performance for optimal plant emergence and …

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Big Interest in Precision Ag at Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

The vast majority of corn, soybean and wheat farmers attending the 2007 Commodity Classic in Tampa this week are very interested in learning more about how precision agriculture tools can help them produce more efficiently. A brand new first-of-its-kind national survey by the Precision Ag Institute indicates that farmers who have not yet adopted precision agriculture technology overwhelmingly cited start-up …

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