Trimble and Tru Count Increase ROI

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TrimbleAt the 2009 Commodity Classic recently, Trimble Navigation was helping growers see how precision provides them with a good return on their investment.

Sid Siefken with Trimble says guidance by itself makes a grower more efficient, but Trimble’s acquisition of Tru Count late last year has increased a grower’s ROI. “Tru Count does the automatic row shutoff systems for corn planters and that coupled with guidance can really increase your return on investment,” Sid says. “We’ve had farmers come up to us at the show and said it was probably quickest pay back of any technology they ever used.’

Sid says one farmer in particular who planted 4000 acres of corn used 28 less bags of seed corn with Tru Count air clutches combined with guidance. “Very few times in agriculture that you can get that direct amount of tangible savings driven back to the bottom line,” said Sid.

Listen to an interview with Sid from Commodity Classic, conducted by ZimmComm reporter Joanna Schroeder: [audio:]