Farmers Win Precision Ag Technology at Commodity Classic

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Hats off to PrecisionAg magazine and its owner, Meister Media Worldwide, for giving away precision farming equipment to growers for the past 14 years!

The following lucky growers will soon be putting these new precision tools to work–which they won at the recent Commodity Classic in Grapevine, TX.

  • David Farmer, D.F. Ranches, El Nido, CA – InSight Display from Ag Leader.
  • Jeff Tate, Tate Farms, Meridiaville, AL – UC4+ Spray Height Controller from NORAC.
  • Heather Mohr, Mohr Farms, Burnside, IL – DGPS Subscription from OmniStar.
  • Brenton Peters, L & S Peters Farms, Bringhurst, IN – DGPS Subscription from OmniStar.
  • Ray Becker, T-R Farms, Lancaster, KS – DGPS Subscription from OmniStar.
  • Keith Fuller, Fuller Fertilizer, Sutter, IL – The ACCU-RATE Controller from Rawson Control Systems.
  • Jeff Filinger, Cuba, KS – Centerline 230BP from TeeJet.
  • Rod Gillen, Muller Farms, Boswell, IN – EZ-Guide 250 from Trimble.

“It’s certainly a thrill to bring the PrecisionAg Giveaway program to agriculture, and it really fits our mission to make precision technology understandable and accessible,” says Paul Schrimpf, group editor of the CropLife Media Group’s PrecisionAg branded media, including PrecisionAg Special Reports, the PrecisionAg Buyer’s Guide and “For 14 years, leading precision technology companies have participated in the Giveaway program, giving the winners an opportunity to discover the benefits of precision agriculture products and practices. We congratulate the winners and wish them the best as they integrate these products into their operations.”