Learn About CommonGround’s 7-Year PR Evolution

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If you’re looking for solutions in the PR department, perhaps this is your answer. Missy Morgan of Osborn & Barr is presenting a webinar on the success of the 7-year PR Evolution of the GommonGround organization, brought to you by the Agricultural Relations Council.

“Have you ever scratched your head in wonder when a PR program thrives despite overwhelming obstacles?” asks Morgan “Often shifting strategies, leadership and budgets can render an otherwise relevant program dead in the water. CommonGround is thriving at year seven, and I’m excited to share with you how it keeps on growing.”

The webinar will be held on February 2, 2017 from 12:30-1:30 EST.  Tickets for the event are available via Eventbright.

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BASF Expands On Target Application Academy

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Good stewardship is a cornerstone of the agriculture community; that’s why BASF is offering a new online training module to help growers and applicators learn all they need to know to concerning new herbicide technologies. Classes are available at home or in the field, and on any device, with topics covering drift mitigation, nozzle selection and proper calibation. Applicators can even earn Continuing Education Units for completing the training.

Proper application ensures the highest level of success, says Dr. Bob Wold, owner of Wolf Consulting & Research LLC and trainer for the On Target Application Academy (OTTA). “With easy-to-access herbicide application tips, growers and applicators can improve on-target applications.”

“BASF is continuing its commitment to stewardship through this one-of-a-kind program,” said Chad Asmus, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF. “The newly released module allows BASF to reach more applicators with information that will help steward new technologies and the land for future generations.”

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Cultivating Master Farmers Seeks Applicants

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Polish up that resume– the Cultivating Master Farmers (CMF) program is seeking Illinois applicants for the class of 2019. Approximately 10 young farmers (ages 21 to 35years old) will be selected to participate in the two-year program that features learning from expert farm and family members who have been there and done that.

Now on its twelfth class, CMF offers participants opportunities to be part of six ag-realted events, a summer tour, and an audience with acclaimed speakers on a variety of topics. Be ready for the meat and potatoes of the program to be the round-table discussions and relationship building that are hallmarks of CMF.

Applications are due March 31, 2017. Paritiapts must reside in Illinois, be between the ages of 21 to 35 as of December 31, 2016, activity engage in production agriculture and commit to the two-year program. Couples are encouraged to apply. Apply on sponsor’s websites: 1st Farm Credit Services, Farm Credit Illinois, GROWMARK, Illinois Farm Bureau, Monsanto and Prairie Farmer.

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Trial Data Shows Yield Increase with Bayer’s ILeVO

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Growers struggling with Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) or Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) will appreciate the trial results of Bayer‘s ILeVO seed treatment across the U.S. University and Demo trials showed measurable yield benefit in combating both SDS and SCN- the two top yield robbers in almost every soybean growing state.

Topline results from 2011-2016 university trials show that 2016 ILeVO yield increases are on par with the past four-year average of 4.7 bu/A. SDS trials across 21 variety locations report an average yield increase of 4.7 bu/A in 2016. Yield increases were even greater than 10 bu/A at sites with higher levels of disease infestations.

Across soybean growing states, 304 demo trials were executed to measure the ILeVO yield benefit on a range of plots. Side-by-side demos saw an average yield increase of 3 bu/A, while demos with documented visual symptoms showed an average yield benefit of 3.7 bu/A. Even demos without documented visual symptoms of SDS showed an average yield benefit of 2.7 bu/A.

“We’re proud to see that ILeVO is continuing to perform consistently in 2016,” said Jeremiah Mullock, Bayer seed treatment product development. “It’s important to note that our 304 demo trials reported a 76 percent positive response. It shows that the yield benefit appeared across the trials and not just in a few plots. ILeVO is continuing to demonstrate its return value for growers across varying levels of disease pressure.”

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Iowa Power Farming Show is Almost Here

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The Iowa Power Farming Show is bringing the biggest names and new innovations to Des Moines on January 31- February 2, 2017. The event features 1870 booths covering 7 acres, 3 buildings and 6 floors. It is the third largest indoor farm show in the U.S.

“The Iowa Power Farming Show is about quality exhibitors from every category showcasing the best and latest products and services they have to offer,” said Tom Junge, director of the Iowa Power Farming Show. “People coming to the show know they’re going to see the future of farming and agriculture.”

The show features new exhibitors, like companies brining do-it-yourself options for UAVs, as well as traditional favorites, like equipment manufacturers. The “New Product” section is also a popular spot.

Seminars, covering topics like family transition and tax implications, begin each day at 10:45. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday. Register online and save $5 off the $8 admission cost.


Bayer Meeting Potato Growers Needs at #PotatoExpo

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Bayer brought Velum Prime plus Movento to this year’s Potato Expo in a very timely manner. Growers are facing more challenges this year than last in regards to nematode pressure, reports Nevada Smith, Marketing Manger for the Western Region. Adding Movento to Velum Prime increases yield, improves root health and offers a better return on investment, but it also has the best protection from multiple types of pests, he told Chuck Zimmerman.

Until now growers haven’t had great tools for dealing with nematode pressure; Bayer believes it’s time to switch from a one and done approach to a full season strategy instead. Last year’s results from Velum Prime plus Movento were vey positive and this year the company has increased their supply, hoping to meet the rising demand.

Of course, meeting customer needs is what Bayer is all about. “Bayer is a longtime core sponsors of Potato Expo,” Smith says. “We want to be here for growers, both for potato and vegetable production as a whole. We want to continue that partnership with MPC and we are looking to increase our awareness, our partnership with growers and provide them with the best tools overall.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Smith here: Interview Nevada Smith, Bayer

2017 Potato Expo photos

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Nufarm Teams up with John Deere Financial

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Nufarm and John Deere Financial are working together to provide customers with the best possible service. A new financing program, running from December 1, 2016- July 31, 2017, makes the purchase of Nufarm products easier and more affordable than ever. Purchases come with a 120 day No Payment/No-Interest program on a low minimum requirement of $3,000. Payments are due in full in December, 2017.

Using the John Deere Financial means the program is available on a national level, with no geographic restrictions and no additional cost to the retailer.

The offer is valid on over 25 eligible products from the Nufarm portfolio, which features bactericides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and seed treatment brands. Trusted products such as ChampION++™, Credit® Xtreme, Weedmaster®, Abamex ™, CutOut™ and Sativa® are included in this offer.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our customers and are honored to collaborate with John Deere Financial, a program many of our customers are already familiar with,” said Joe Steinlage, Nufarm Customer and Brand Marketing.

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USDA Proposed Plant Breeding Rule Welcomed

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The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) has been actively engaged with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in developing a rule regarding plant breeding innovation. The rule-making notice was officially released yesterday, and ASTA, along with other organizations like the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), are pleased with the recognition of plant breeder’s history of safety and quality.

“The farm and food value chain is committed to innovating in a responsible and sustainable way,” said ASTA President & CEO Andy LaVigne. “We look forward to continuing these conversations with the Trump Administration to ensure sound policy that fosters continued innovation and promotes the movement of seed and other agricultural products around world.”

“Corn farmers have a strong interest in the availability of new technologies to enhance the sustainability, productivity and competitiveness of U.S. agriculture,” writes the NCGA. “Agriculture biotechnology and next generation breeding techniques allow growers to increase yields while decreasing inputs. Meeting demand, improving processes and minimizing environmental impacts are what make modern corn production a dynamic industry. The documents published indicate that, in large part, federal agencies agree with the basis of our stance and strive to create a more efficient regulatory process allowing growers greater access to new products.”Read More

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Agren & Land O’Lakes Provide Precision Conservation

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Land O’Lakes is partnering with a small business from Central Iowa focused on offering sustainability solutions to agriculture. Agren‘s technology platform will be used to deliver scalable, geo-spatial tools to find highly-erodible areas in a field and create a plan to protect the soil and improve water quality. The program, branded as SoilVantage, will be the first to offer precision conservation in the United States.

“When coupled with other agronomy tools and insights, we are helping farmers drive productivity and sustainability, making them more efficient,” said Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President of Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN in a recent interview. “Then, the next step is enhancing dialogue between farmers and their customers. It’s really about helping farmers communicate how they are achieving continuous improvement in on-farm sustainability to their customers, who ultimately supply retailers such as Wal-Mart.”

SUSTAIN, the division of Land O’Lakes handling the program, is committed to helping famers deal with sustainability and water quality issues, notes Agren’s Presdient, Jamie Ridgely. It’s the kind of partnership their company is proud to be part of.

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CFI Offers Insights Into Consumer Trust

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The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) conducts an annual consumer study to better understand how to earn consumer trust. Their latest research approach has identified influential consumer groups and made an effort to understand how they not only dictate food trends, but drive conversations that impact the decisions of others.

In a first-of-its-kind method, the 2016 survey used digital ethnography that can provide insights like unspoken motivations, values, top-of-mind issues, emotional triggers, preferred social channels and sources, behaviors and trusted brands. This kind of research provides a greater understanding of how to connect to consumers because the information provided goes beyond what people say and pinpoints what they actually do.Read More