ASA Supports NBB Petition

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The American Soybean Association (ASA) supports the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) in the filing of an anti-dumping and countervailing duty petition. The petition alleges Argentine and Indonesian companies are selling dumped biodiesel and subsidized biodiesel in violation of U.S. trade laws. ASA President Ron Moore made this statement in support of the petition:

“Biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia have flooded the U.S. market in recent years and these imports receive trade and market distorting subsidies in their home countries that provide an unfair advantage over U.S. biodiesel. Soybean farmers have a vested interest in the biodiesel industry, having made substantial investments over the past several decades to established and build a domestic biodiesel industry and market. We believe an investigation by the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission will show that unfair subsidies provided by Argentina and Indonesia are resulting in imports being unlawfully dumped on the U.S. market. We look forward to the appropriate anti-dumping and countervailing duties being imposed to remedy these unfair and unlawful practices.”

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Alltech Ideas Conference Aims to Inspire

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From soil nutrient management to citrus greening prevention, ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference will give growers real-life solutions.

Producers and agribusiness leaders are sure to be inspired by ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE17) on May 21-24 in Lexington, Kentucky. For three days industry leaders and experts from around the world will share insights and solutions for agriculture.

“We believe it’s important for everyone involved in agriculture to be inspired to harness disruption,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “That disruption, however, needs to deliver on the bottom line.”

Participants may choose from various tracks of sessions, including one dedicated to crop science that will cover issues from nutrient management to citrus greening prevention. Register before April 1 to save $300.Read More

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BASF Licenses CRISPR-Cas9 Technology

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BASF has announced a global licensing agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to use a CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology for agriculture and industrial microbiology. This gene-editing tool is simpler and more precise than previous technology for making targeted changes in the DNA, providing a quicker and less expensive method to benefit agriculture.

“The CRISPR-Cas9 technology is a game changer within the field of genome editing,” said Peter Eckes, President of BASF Bioscience Research. “We are eager to see the new ways it will augment our research and improve multiple products for agriculture as well as numerous industrial applications.”

“This technology represents a transformative application of genome editing for the research community,” adds Issi Rozen, chief business officer of the Broad Institute. “CRISPR-Cas9 can directly benefit advanced research across many industries including human health and agriculture. We are proud to partner with stakeholders throughout the biomedical and agriculture community to help deliver responsible solutions for our planet.”

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Chairman Roberts Highlights Need for Conservation

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U.S. Senator Pat Roberts, (R-Kan), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, spoke with members of the National Association of Conservation Districts, highlighting the importance of voluntary conservation programs in the upcoming farm bill.

“The conservation districts are the perfect example where we see coordination in government working at its best – bringing together federal, state, local and private partners and leveraging those resources to get conservation on the ground,” said Roberts in his address.

“It is important to deliver a united message that locally led and voluntary conservation incentives have always been the foundation of USDA conservation programs. Voluntary conservation – not regulation – is an effective model that resonates with producers across the country.”

“Federal investment in these programs has a proven track record of success to incentivize farmers and ranchers to install best management conservation practices on the ground to help address critical natural resource concerns like improving water quality, improving soil health, or enhancing wildlife habitat.”

You can hear comments made by Roberts covering agriculture issues at last week’s Agri-Pulse event here: Remarks from Senator Pat Roberts, Senate Ag Committee Chairman

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Conservation District Officials Take on Capitol Hill

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The National Association of Conservation Districts took on Capitol Hill just days after President Trump’s disappoint budget proposal. Members of the group addressed conservation programs in the farm bill, funding of conservation program, technical assistance for conservation efforts, as well as voluntary conservation as they made their visits.

“Today our members will hit the halls of Congress to meet with their representatives and senators face-to-face to discuss the most pressing natural resource issues affecting their districts and communities,” NACD President Brent Van Dyke said.

Participants will also get to hear from Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and Frank Lucas and Marcia Fudge, chairman and ranking member of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry.

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3RIVE 3D Means Farming Faster

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Rick Ekins from FMC, and Chuck have talked about their 3RIVE 3D platform several times since it was introduced and Commodity Classic provided another opportunity.  With spring planting upon us, here’s a quick summation of what 3RIVE 3D can provide:

  • 3RIVE 3D is a new way to deliver crop protection products for seedling defense and yield enhancement
  • Easily mounts to all major planter brands
  • Includes a 130-gallon water tank, 30-gallon product tank and all other necessary components for application
  • Mixes the right amount of product and water, minimizing the need for measuring and eliminating the need for mixing and tank agitation
  • Delivers a three dimensional, continuous Zone of Protection directly into the furrow
  • Uses low volume of water, reducing weight and refills, and speeds the progress of planting
  • Plant up to 500 acres between refills
  • Provides future opportunities for combining multiple active ingredients including insecticides, fungicides and biostimulants

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Rick here to learn more:
Interview with Rick Ekins, FMC

2017 Commodity Classic Photo Album

Commodity Classic coverage made possible by
Commodity Classic coverage made possible by FMCCommodity Classic coverage made possible by John Deere
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#FarmBillSummit Addresses Crop Insurance

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Tom Zacharias, president of National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS), was among the speakers invited to address this week’s Agri-Pulse Farm Bill Summit in Washington, D.C.

Zacharias stressed the role crop insurance plays in ensuring a strong and vibrant agricultural sector, which is critical to the well-being of our economy and society as a whole.

“The role of both state and federally regulated crop insurance is to help provide financial stability to the agricultural sector in combination with other farm-level risk management strategies such sound marketing and good financial planning, as well as other USDA programs designed to support American agriculture,” Zacharias said.

Zacharias noted that crop insurance is the “cornerstone” of the farm safety net, and highlighted a few of the program’s key components that have contributed to its success. These characteristics include the fact that crop insurance is contractually based, that farmers have “skin in the game” and that they only receive a crop insurance payment in the event of an insured loss.

Listen to his remarks here: Remarks from Tom Zacharias, President, National Crop Insurance Services

Photos can be found on the Agri-Pulse website.
Agri-Pulse Farm Bill Summit photos

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GROWMARK Supports National Ag Day

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Beverly Flores of John Deere with Amy Bradford of GROWMARK at 2017 Ag Day

GROWMARK and its FS member companies are proud to be one of the major sponsors of National Ag Day every year, according to corporate relations manager Amy Bradford who attended this year’s event.

“This is one of the events that we support in a big way financially,” said Bradford. “It’s just important for us to support the farmers who are doing the work every day.”

Bradford was pleased to hear the presidential proclamation for Ag Day, the first in 16 years. “We believe that agriculture is definitely on the radar screen in the new administration,” she said, noting the interest in improving rural infrastructure. “We definitely have some ideas of what that means beyond roads and bridges to include rural broadband.”

In this interview, Bradford also talks about GROWMARK farm bill priorities and more: Interview with Amy Bradford, GROWMARK

National Ag Day Photo Album

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Benson Hill, CTC Achieve Partnership Milestone

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Benson Hill Biosystems, an ag tech company using data analysis to unlock genetic potential in plants, is working with Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (CTC), a leader in Brazilian sugar cane, to find commercial traits that will increase crop yields. The two companies have been working together since 2014; the most recent partnership announcement concerns the end of phase one in successfully using the Benson Hill platform for the crop.

“The rigor of Benson Hill’s CropOS system and ability to evaluate selected genes in the model crop Setaria viridisincreases the probability of success in sugarcane since the photosynthetic systems of the two plants are very similar,” said William Burnquist, director of R&D at CTC. “We are pleased to have achieved this milestone in our partnership and will soon move forward to the next phase of validating the genes’ efficacy in sugarcane.”

“With CTC’s support, our team and technology have identified leads that demonstrate significant biomass improvement in a relevant crop model and that have the potential to increase the yield and sustainability of the sugarcane crop,” said Mohammed Oufattole, vice president of R&D at Benson Hill Biosystems. “Now, CTC will focus on validating these leads in sugarcane in order to mobilize this technology for the benefit of its growers. Through cloud biology, even the most complex targets such as photosynthesis can be advanced with greater speed and efficiency and for a fraction of historical costs, enabling players of any size in any market to innovate.”

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Agri-Pulse #FarmBillSummit Hears From Duvall

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President of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Zippy Duvall addressed the participants of the Agri-Pulse Farm Bill Summit earlier this week. Using his best southern charm, Duvall addressed the issue of the upcoming farm bill, pointing out the different circumstances farmers and ranchers are in as the last bill was being written and the economic climate now.

“The biggest problem with this farm bill and writing the next farm bill will be resources,” Duvall emphasizes. “The baseline that the CBO has is not enough to have a good safety net for the food security of our country and that’s why at American Farm Bureau we’re asking for increases in that baseline so we can build a true farm bill that helps us through the next four years.”

Farmers and ranchers must remain aware of what it happening in the political area, Duvall asserts, sharing the story of two mules he once purchased to give rides to his kids. Turning his back on the animals, “Bill” and “Hillary,” ended in a wrecked wagon; disengaging in today’s political world will result in its own kind of disaster.

Listen to Zippy Duvall’s full remarks here: Zippy Duvall, AFBF

Photos can be found on the Agri-Pulse website.
Agri-Pulse Farm Bill Summit photos

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