FS System Honors Enduring Farms

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The FS System is now recognizing farmers who are using sustainable practices that are good for the environment and good for the farm with the Enduring Farms designation.

GROWMARK Strategic Agronomy Marketing Manager Tim Berkland said things like using nitrogen stabilizers and programs to monitor the nitrogen in the soil would give farmers points on the scorecard.

“One of the things we wanted to do with this program is call out the farmers that are doing a lot of the right things, because a lot of times public persona is not so kind to the farming community and they don’t recognize how much farmers are doing and investing already,” said Berkland.

Those recognized as Enduring Farms receive a metal sign and recognition in GROWMARK publications. Local FS Crop Specialists have more information about the program.

Listen to Chuck’s interview from NAFB Trade Talk: Interview with Tim Berkland, GROWMARK

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Kansas Farmer Testifies at Ag Technology Hearing

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“Technology in Agriculture: Data-Driven Farming” was the topic of a hearing last week before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, Insurance, & Data Security to examine the potential benefits of advancements in agricultural technology and the collection and utilization of data in farming.

The only farmer to testify was Justin Knopf from Gypsum, Kansas, who talked about the value of data for farmers and how it is helping American farmers face the challenge of feeding a growing population. “Data collection, data processing, and utilization of data for improved decision making has become a core competency for many, if not a majority of, farmers,” said Knopf.

Under questioning from Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE), Knopf also talked about the challenge of data management and the vital need for rural broadband access.

Listen here: KS farmer Justin Knopf at ag technology hearing

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Understanding the Farmers of Tomorrow

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OsbornBarr has rounded up ag thought-leaders from across the country to discuss and tackle issues impacting the agricultural community. The first challenge they collectively believe is imperative is understanding farmers of tomorrow.

Chairman of the newly formed O+B Agricultural Advisory Council, Richard Fordyce, former Missouri Director of Agriculture, attended the 2017 National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk to talk about the research they conducted on Generation Z’s (18-22-year-olds) future in agriculture.

How do the children of today’s farmers view their role in agriculture’s future? How do their perceptions of brand and industry compare to those of their parents and grandparents? Can the answers to these questions shape the future of farming?

The results centered around four major factors shaping the future of our industry: Farm Succession Expectations Differ, View of Government Involvement, Agricultural Technologies Tops List, Preference of Peers Over Brand Names.

Richard reminded us that all those surveyed are currently somehow involved in agriculture. A glimpse of the results: 54% plan to take over their family farm, 77% are still active on their family farm and 71% of farmers believe their kids want to take over the family farm.

The council will continue to digest these results and conduct further research on areas of particular interest and make all findings available to the public. Visit RuralSpirit.com to learn more.

Listen to my complete conversation with Richard to learn more :Interview with Richard Fordyce, O+B Ag Advisory Council Chair

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Coverage of the NAFB Convention is sponsored by FMC
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Precision Ag Bytes 11/22

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  • A recent BASF survey of 400 soybean and cotton growers across the country showed grower satisfaction with Engenia herbicide, designed to battle tough weeds for dicamba tolerant crops. Growers said Engenia provided them with cleaner fields during the 2017 growing season. They rated weed control from Engenia herbicide an 8.6 out of 10 nationally. Eighty-five percent of growers surveyed planned to use Engenia in 2018 and 83 percent said they would recommend the product.
  • AgGateway presented its Ron Storms Leadership Award to Randy Fry with Ceres Solutions Cooperative at the organization’s annual conference. The 2017 President’s Award went to Jeremy W. Wilson with Crop IMS.
  • AgGateway also shared its newly released 2017 Annual Report, entitled “AgGateway in Action” at the annual conference. The report outlines a new 5-year strategic plan to address challenges in digital agriculture and using information.
  • Syngenta honored Allen Hatley and Tim Cobb, accredited farm managers, rural appraisers and principal partners of Hatley/Cobb Farmland Management with the 2017 Professional Farm Managers of the Year Award.
  • Valent U.S.A. launched its new Aveo EZ Nematicide to help protect soybeans from yield loss caused by Soybean Cyst Nematode, Reniform nematode and more. To learn more about new Aveo EZ, as well as Valent’s proven base seed treatment, INTEGO SUITE Soybeans, visit www.soybeanprotection.com.
  • Indigo Ag, Inc. has released preliminary data from its microbial seed treatment for corn. Indigo Corn was commercially launched in the spring of 2017.
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John Deere Expands TruSet Technology in Tillage Tools

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John Deere is expanding the availability of its TruSet technology to a wider variety of tillage tools in 2018. The company first offered TruSet on the 2730 Combo Ripper in 2015 and will now include the depth and pressure control and mapping functions on more new and late-model tillage tools.

The 2720 Disk Ripper is the latest implement available with the option of TruSet technology, which can be added from the factory to new equipment or later to existing implements. TruSet is included in base equipment on all 2630 Series implements.

The new 2630 Series implement lineup includes four distinct models: 2630 Disk, 2633 Disk, 2635 Disk and 2633 Vertical Tillage implement, each providing different levels of soil penetration, residue mixing and seedbed preparation. According to Jarred Karnei, John Deere product marketing manager, the new 2630 Series tillage tools allow customers to match the right tool to their field and soil conditions while improving tillage performance with the latest in on-the-go precision control, thanks to TruSet Technology.

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Guide to Precision Agriculture and Ag-Tech Companies

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This looks like a good resources to have. It’s the “Guide to Precision Agriculture and Ag-Tech Companies” from Meister Media Worldwide. Just click on this link to get your copy.

Staying on top of the hundreds of product and service providers in precision agriculture and ag-tech companies can be difficult.

With this FREE guide compiled by the editors of Meister Media Worldwide, you’ll have a list of the major players as of summer 2017 in nearly 40 categories including data analytics, guidance, imagery, Internet of Things field monitoring, sensors, smart irrigation, UAVs, and variable-rate technology.

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Enogen® Corn Hybrids Good for Feed and Fuel

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Enogen® corn hybrids from Syngenta have been providing value for farmers and ethanol producers, now Enogen® Feed hybrids can help provide value for beef and dairy producers as well.

“Enogen continues to be an exciting part of our business in Syngenta and the NK brand,” said Quinn Showalter, NK Sales Head, during an interview at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) annual Trade Talk. Enogen corn will produce about 2 billion gallons of ethanol this year. “New as we move forward into 2018 is the value that Enogen brings from a feed standpoint.”

Showalter says on-farm trials this year showed very promising results and as grain or silage, can provide a valuable ration component that helps provide more available energy for cattle in the form of starch and sugar, which also helps improve digestibility. “There is incremental value in the form of feed efficiency that come from Enogen,” he said.

In this interview, Quinn also discusses Syngenta’s long-term commitment to the NK brand and what is new for 2018. Interview with Quinn Showalter, Syngenta/NK Seeds

2017 NAFB Convention Photos

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Coverage of the NAFB Convention is sponsored by FMC
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Biodiesel Benefits Farmers and Livestock Producers

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Midwest soybeans are fueling the country from coast to coast. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has a goal of supplying 10 percent of the nation’s diesel fuel by the year 2022, equating to about four billion gallons per year. NBB Board Member and Nebraska Farmer Greg Anderson said the northeast market for heating oil is a bright spot, while California will soon be the number one market for biodiesel. He said that’s important during a challenging agriculture economy.

“We do have the production capacity to serve this market. We have America’s advanced biofuel providing some 64,000 jobs across the country – good paying, clean energy jobs – as well as really making agriculture profitable,” said Anderson. “We need biodiesel to keep adding almost a dollar per bushel value to our crop, making soybean oil 11 to 20 cents per pound more valuable, just because of biodiesel.”

U.S. farmers grow over four billion bushels of soybeans each year, producing 22 billion pounds of soybean oil. Biodiesel production uses about one third of the domestic soybean crush.

Here more with Cindy’s interview from NAFB Trade Talk: Interview with Greg Anderson, National Biodiesel Board

2017 NAFB Convention Photos

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Coverage of the NAFB Convention is sponsored by FMC
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Survey Shows LibertyLink System Rates Highest With Growers

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Results from an independent market research survey of growers in 21 states conducted by Kynetec have found that the LibertyLink® system by Bayer was the highest rated trait platform of the year.

The study found that 97 percent of growers who planted LibertyLink this year rated it “good” to “excellent,” beating out both new and established platforms currently on the market. The results also revealed that better control of resistant weeds was the most important factor in a seed trait decision.

“The results from this research are indicative of the tremendous growth we have seen over the last few years,” said David Tanner, Liberty product manager at Bayer. “In the last three years, LibertyLink has gone from six percent market share in 2015 to more than 20 percent in 2018. The growth continues as growers experience the system and get excited about it.”

The study surveyed nearly 500 growers who made seed decisions on their operation in August 2017. Growers rated their experience with various platforms, what they look for when making planting decisions and their satisfaction with trait and herbicide performance.

Tanner explains more about the survey in this interview – Interview with David Tanner, Bayer Liberty Product Manager

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