Precision Planting Update from John Deere

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Barry NelsonEarlier this month John Deere announced a couple of big acquisitions that include Precision Planting and Monosem. During the NAFB convention I got an update on those from Barry Nelson.

The Monosem purchase allows John Deere to expand their planter lineup on a truly global basis when included with the Precision Planting purchase. The brand names will be continued according to Nelson. He says it’s 60 – 90 days to get the deal wrapped up and then there will be some dealer negotiations to do as well.

Listen to my interview with Barry here: Barry Nelson, John Deere

Barry is being interviewed in the photo by Michelle Rook, WNAX.

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Brent Boyette Getting Some Real Yield with LibertyLink

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Bayer CropScience Real Yield GameWe often think of weed resistance as being some kind of midwest and south phenomenon but think east U.S. as in North Carolina. Cindy spoke with farmer Brent Boyette for an episode of LibertyLink Real Yield Radio and you can hear what he has to say below.

Now, while you’re celebrating some Thanksgiving with the family how about trying the Real Yield Game and get yourself entered to win big with Bayer CropScience.

Visit and click on the promotion link.
1. Complete all fields in the registration or log-in process.
2. Select five fields in the game area to spray Liberty® to reveal incremental bushels of soybeans.
3. Look at the total number of incremental bushels of soybeans for all five fields in the silo and determine the prize won.

Limit three game plays per person – one game play for complete registration, one game play for completion of LibertyLink® Ratings/Reviews/Attributes, one game play for social sharing through the promotion website.

In the real world, missed weeds compromise real yield. The LibertyLink® system is simply a better solution that ensures you don’t lose yield from missed weeds. Choose LibertyLink® and Liberty® to maximize real yields with high-performing genetics and better weed control.

Here’s Brent’s story:

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AcreValue Helps Growers Manage Expansion Opportunities

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acrevalueAcreValue, often referred to as the Zillow for farmland, is a tool for farmers, landowners, and investors to understand the value and productive capacity of a piece of farmland. Tamar Tashjian, GM for AcreValue, updates us on what new with AcreValue, and what’s coming next. Granular, the parent company, started as a farm management company geared towards large farm operations.

As a grower, expansion is typically top of mind; trying to determine current land prices, rental value, and potential productivity of a given piece of land can be time-consuming and tiring. AcreValue aims to fill a gap in the industry by aggregating data from a variety of public sources into a single free site users can to log into to get information on a specific piece of land.

Using their automated valuation model (AVM), which was developed for both residential and commercial land, users can see what the computed price per acre would be for a given piece of land based on a number of factors like soil type and crop history. Growers often ask themselves how they can pick up new ground at the right price, or how productive a specific piece of land may be. Tamar says AcreValue can answer those questions in a few ways.

“First, you can go onto AcreValue to see what the land is worth using our AVM. If you want to determine that yourself, you can pull the underlying data, like soil maps or crop history, to use as you calculate the value. Additionally, paying customers that use the Granular software, will have access to tools that integrate their production history and operation data to determine how buying or renting a given piece of land will effect profitability of their operation.” Tamar Tashjian, AcreValue. “We aim to answer the question of ‘If I buy versus rent this ground or add this new piece of ground, do I have the capacity to manage those added acres? How does that effect my overall profitability?'”

Currently AcreValue is available in 46 states to pull soil maps or crop history. The valuation model is currently available in Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois; AcreValue is focused on expanding that valuation model into other states.

To hear more of Tamar’s interview: Interview with Tamar Tashjian, AcreValue

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3RIVE 3D In-Furrow Crop Protection Offers Speed, Simplicity

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ekinsThe FMC 3RIVE 3D System has had a season in use and our own Chuck Zimmerman caught up with Rick Ekins, FMC, while at Trade Talk to get an update.

“We started this spring with the first 36 applicators installed on farms. The biggest things are you have such a low volume of water and you’re able to apply an 8-oz rate of Capture 3RIVE 3D in 32-oz of water. A single fill is covering up to 500 acres,” Rick Ekins, FMC. “It’s the speed, the simplicity of a central fill system, the fact that you only have to fill up once per day, and that you can strip off a lot of heavy equipment down to the 160 gallons of product. That’s what has been really appealing about the 3RIVE 3D System.”

The basic unit is a 130 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon concentrate tank. The manifold takes the water and concentrate and creates a 3D expanding formulation that allows growers to take a very low volume of water across an acre. The systems have been tested in a wide variety of environments across the corn belt on 16-, 32-, and 48-row corn planters. They’ve also tested planter speeds from 5-10mph and have maintained accurate placement with the varied speeds.

3RIVE 3D systems adapt to most major planter brands; some may require more adaptation. In spring 2016, systems will be capable of tying into an existing precision application system, currently 3RIVE 3D has it’s own operating system. Currently, Capture 3RIVE 3D is the first product approved for the 3RIVE 3D system and offers insect control in corn.

There are about 60 3RIVE 3D Systems available for placement currently; FMC is looking for growers who may be interested in implementing 3RIVE 3D technology should head to

To hear more of Rick’s interview: Interview with Rick Ekins, FMC

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Trimble Enhances Irrigate-IQ Solution

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Pivot Showing Irrigate-IQ Optimal FlowTrimble is excited to introduced its Irrigate-IQ™ optimal flow solution.  Now even growers without a variable frequency drive can focus irrigation onto areas of a field that produce at the highest rates.

Irrigate-IQ optimal flow enables growers who have standard irrigation pump equipment to incorporate no spray areas within their irrigation plan. By utilizing no spray areas, growers concentrate their irrigation efforts in portions of their field that are highest producing, which can lead to maximized yield. This is especially valuable in regions with water restrictions or limited water resources.

Growers without a variable frequency drive pump are typically unable to use no spray areas in their irrigation plans without risking damage to their equipment due to significant pressure changes. As a result, these growers have been unable to optimize water resources across their fields to improve crop quality and yield.

With its unique technology, Irrigate-IQ optimal flow utilizes standard pump equipment to keep water pressure regulated across the entire pivot, even when operating in no spray areas. The system allows the pivot to operate within a defined pressure range, even as the water table reduces throughout the growing season and less water is available, or if a well goes out. This reduces the risk for equipment damage.

“We are excited to be the first in the industry to enable growers without a variable frequency drive to begin enjoying the benefits of using no spray areas,” said David Fitzpatrick, Water Solutions business area director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “Many growers farm in areas with water restrictions or limited water resources. With Irrigate-IQ optimal flow, these growers can move water to the highest producing areas of their fields without making a substantial investment in a variable frequency drive pump. This means growers can maximize their yields with minimal investment.”

“In west Texas we never have enough water, and the irrigation experts here have found that between 15 and 30 percent of all acres under a pivot are what I like to call ‘bad dirt.’ These areas do not produce high yields no matter the inputs,” said Jerry Brightbill, owner of South Plains Precision Ag, a Trimble reseller who sells the Irrigate-IQ solution. “Over the last several years we spent between $125 and $175 per acre on irrigation in west Texas, which means we lost money on every gallon we put on bad dirt. With Irrigate-IQ optimal flow we can apply water directly on areas of the field that will produce the highest yield. As a result, I believe this technology can transform the way we irrigate in the future.”

Learn more about this system from Trimble’s website.

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Farmers Business Network to Host Farmer Conference

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fbnThe farmer- to-farmer information network, Farmers Business Network (FBN), is hosting a conference December 15-17 in Bettondorf, Iowa.  The Confernece is titled Farmer2Farmer: Bringing Moneyball to Farming, will bring together farmers and along with leaders in the sports, technology, military, and farm communities.  They will discuss the analytics and data management that drive the industry today.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul DePodesta – Vice President of Player Development, New York Mets, and subject of the hit film and best selling book, “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” by Michael Lewis.
  • Daryl Morey – General Manager, Houston Rockets
  • Lt. Gen. Jim Huggins, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Former Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy and Operations, Commander of the 82nd Airborne and ISAF-NATO Forces
  • Coach Dan Gable – Wrestling Legend, 15x NCAA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist
    Panels and special sessions will feature talks by dozens of America’s most innovative farmers and FBN’s leaders on major new products and farm analytics.

The availability of data on today’s farm allows for a very different perspective.  The hazy biases for decision making in the past can become clearer, allowing farmers a whole new perspective.

“The same ‘Moneyball’ thinking that has revolutionized professional sports and countless industries, is now revolutionizing the farm.” Said FBN Co-Founder & CEO, Amol Deshpande. “What Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the US Army have learned can now be brought to farmers.”

“At $7 corn, it’s easy to spend like the Yankees, but at $3.50, you have to deploy new strategies to farm smarter and stay profitable.” Says FBN Co-Founder & VP of Product, Charles Baron.

This conference promises to bring the nation’s most innovative farmers.  Expect thought provoking, unfiltered discussion on how innovation and data can change a farm operation.  View the full schedule to learn more.

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Grassland Oregon on the GO

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nafb15-go-jerryWith the popularity of cover crops increasing, Grassland Oregon is growing and on the go.

The Salem, Oregon-based company is a breeder, producer, and provider of a wide range of seed products and knowledge. “We pride ourselves in offering novel solutions for growing concerns,” said partner and director of research and development Jerry Hall during an interview at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. “That includes turf, forage and lately, cover crops.”

Hall says they have invested a great deal of research in the cover crop arena. “We’ve got cover crops that can control nematodes,” he said. “We’ve got some new cover crops like our Fixation Balansa Clover, that can produce a tremendous amount of nitrogen.”

Cover crops are nothing new for agriculture, but Hall says their goal is to improve on what has been done before. “Some of our best information is going back and looking at those old farm papers – taking what’s old and making it new again,” said Hall. “It’s really like fashion – it’s coming back in style.”

Learn more in this interview: Interview with Jerry Hall, Grassland Oregon

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Conservis Announces New Software Benefits

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conservisIf the former method of tracking data in pencil with a spreadsheet no longer fits the needs of today’s farmer, then neither does the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the majority of ag software companies.

Conservis is announcing an alternative.  Their new software has unparalleled benefits over other farm management platforms.  The Conserivs Dashboard allows growers to see a “snapshot” of their fields, with key data points in a user-friendly interface.  The Dashboard provides widgets so growers can view consolidated, graphical information about their farm.
“Conservis Dashboard enables growers needing critical information to make important business decisions in a centralized, aggregated view,” said Pat Christie, CEO of Conservis. “Our ultimate goal is to help growers to maximize the power of their own data; this is a major step toward that goal.”

Conservis Dashboard also allows customers to see the first integration with Iteris ClearAg weather, soil and water data. These statistics give growers access to information that impacts field accessibility used to help plan activities. Future Iteris functionality involving predictive modeling will also be found in Conservis Dashboard.

Joel Mathiowetz, a grower out of Morgan, Minnesota, said, “Conservis allows us to really micromanage each field. Now I can track those bushels back to the inputs that were provided and I’ve got a true cost of production on a bushel basis versus a whole operation. It brought lots of information and data, and that always creates a great conversation for us to make our decisions going forward.”

The Conservis software is in the cloud and includes live support, training, and assistance.  The program is currently being used on more than $8 billion worth of agriculture land and assets.

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Nutrient Efficiency Remains Top Focus for Koch Agronomics

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Ron Restum Koch AgronomicKoch Agronomic Services keeps pushing forward to develop products helping farmers protect their bottom line. While at Trade Talk, I spoke with Ron Restum, VP of North American Sales with Koch, about what Koch has to offer growers currently as well the innovative products that they are researching for future application.

The bulk of Koch’s business is focused on nutrient efficiency while helping to sustainably grow the industry. The Agrotain line of products helps with volatilization of nitrogen making nitrogen more efficient; Agrotain Ultra and Agrotain Advance are two of the most popular products, both can be applied to UAN or urea. Agritain Plus is applied to UAN to help keep nitrogen available where you placed it.

When asked about the impact that these products had in a year with major weather events like 2015, Ron said growers using their products saw a lot of value on both ends of the spectrum.

“We saw a lot of value in those geographies that got a lot more rain than normal. Those areas that were able to put on our SuperU or AgrotainPlus to prevent nitrogen loss below ground, they saw tremendous results because of it. For the areas where it was drier and they had to put nitrogen over the top, if they treated their urea with Agrotain, they reduced nitrogen loss. What everyone saw this year was what nitrogen loss looks like in heavy rain variance where you don’t have any protection.” Ron Restum, Koch Agronomic Services.

Koch is committed to developing products that are going to bring the greatest value to growers. They have also been working on a product for anhydrous ammonia for the last 4 years and are currently working with the EPA for full regulation. Koch is optimistic that they will be able to have a soft launch in late spring for use next fall.

KOCH is also researching the potential with biologics after a recent acquisition of a biological crop solutions company.

To hear more of Ron’s interview: Interview with Ron Restum, Koch Agronomic

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Update from @NationalCorn at #NAFB15

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nafb15-ncga-wesleyWesley Spurlock of Stratford, Texas is the new First Vice President for the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and he was at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention to talk about issues impacting corn farmers this year.

First of all is the big crop expected this year, despite challenging growing conditions in many areas. In Texas, Spurlock says they had a radical change from four years of drought to quite a bit of moisture this year. “We’ve had a tremendous year,” he said. “We had some flooding and some problems, but the bulk of it has been beneficial….the corn has done real well. We’ve had exceptional yields across the board.”

The higher yields that corn growers are experiencing make maintaining and expanding markets more important than ever, and that includes both ethanol for the domestic market and new trade agreements to increase exports.

In this interview, Spurlock talks about the importance to corn growers of the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and legislation to allow for voluntary labeling of non-GMO food products. Interview with NCGA vice president Wesley Spurlock

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