Bayer CEO is Home at #FarmProgressShow

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fps-16-bayer-blomeThe president and CEO of Bayer North America is always happy to visit the Farm Progress Show when it is in Iowa.

“I grew up on a farm just north of here in Hubbard, Iowa, graduate of Iowa State, and it’s always good to come home,” said Jim Blome during the traditional Bayer media luncheon on the first day of the show. “This year more than any other year, I’ve noticed one thing – corn really loves to grow in Iowa.”

During the media event, Blome talked about Bayer’s commitment to innovation in agriculture. “We’ve been around ag a long time…we know it’s a cyclical market, but we’re investing in innovation for the long term.”

Listen to Blome’s remarks to the media here: Jim Blome, president and CEO Bayer North America

With the negotiations between Bayer and Monsanto ongoing, that topic was off the table during remarks and interviews, but Blome believes Bayer is uniquely positioned as a company to help farmers feed a growing global population. “It’s our 150 years of innovation,” he said. “We spend over a billion dollars a year in R&D and our investments have paid off. We’ve brought more innovation to the grower over the past 10 years than any of our competitors and we’re very proud of that.”

Listen to my interview with Jim here: Interview with Jim Blome, Bayer North America

2016 Farm Progress Show Photos

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Eight Row Folding Corn Head Unveiled by @JohnDeere

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John Deere folding 8 row headBrand new from John Deere is an option for an 8-row folding corn head.  The 608FC corn head can be used with group 6 and 7 S-Series combines, offering an easier solution for transporting on narrow roads.  It also eliminates the need for header trailers, tow vehicles and related manpower.

“Harvesting with a new John Deere 8 row folding corn head can lower operating costs and allow customers to harvest addition acres per move by not having to transport the head separately,” explains Roger Maes, senior marketing representative fore John Deere Harvester Works.  “That helps contribute to their bottom line and make them much more productive and profitable.”

The new head is offered in 30-inch row spacing with or without the stalk chopping option.  Like all heads in the 600 series it also has improved row unit slip clutch and drive shaft interface to help it hold up against today’s robust hybrids.

“The 608FC is the ideal green-on-green header solution for customers that need to drive down narrow roads to access fields they need to harvest, without having to transport the head separately,” Maes says.  “It’s much more durable, productive and economical option than other folding 8-row headers currently available, plus it’s fully supported by the extensive John Deere dealer network.”

Chuck Zimmerman was on hand to see the grand unveiling and took video of the corn head folding, coming to a rest at 10.9 feet wide– narrower than the inside set of tires.

Listen to his interview here: Kevin Ripple, John Deere

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Great First Day for #FarmProgressShow

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fps-16-tourteDon Tourte, VP of Sales for the Farm Progress Show kicked off the 63rd annual event in the BASF Media Tent this morning. He gave media a bit of a show preview and noted that the exhibitors look as good as ever and highlighted how they have gone all out this year.

“There are some really great things to see with technology being the leading word,” said Tourte.

And the weather? Better than two years ago and Tourte said the crops for the field demonstrations look great and encouraged everyone to be sure to get down and see new technologies in action.

Listen to an interview with Don Torte here: Interview with Don Tourte, Farm Progress Show

2016 Farm Progress Show Photos

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Ag Infrastructure Challenge Launched at #RuralSummit

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The inaugural Infrastructure Summit took place yesterday in Ames, Iowa with big news – the launch of the agriculture Infrastructure Vision 2050 (IV2050) Challenge. The news was delivered by Lief Magnusson, President, CLASS Global Sales Americas and Chair of the Association Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) who sponsored the summit with support from Agri-Pulse. IV2050 is a thought leadership initiative focused on crafting a vision for a long-term, national plan for U.S. infrastructure and how the industry will move people, freight and energy in the future.


Leif Magnusson, President, CLASS Global Sales Americas and Chair, Association of Equipment Manufacturers announces AEM’s IV2050 ag initiative during the inaugural Rural Infrastructure Summit.

AEM is playing an active role in discussions about what is next for the U.S. infrastructure,” said Magnusson who stressed that today the industry is here to explore the link between agriculture and infrastructure and to asses where things stand. “We’re also here to discuss the challenges the ag industry and rural communities face with the current state of U.S. infrastructure. But just as importantly, we’re here to discuss ways to innovate through and around challenges as an ag community.”

In addition to the Rural Infrastructure Summit, the discussion will continue through a new initaitve Magnusson announced: the IV2050 Challenge. The initiative is a call for proposals on the best and most innovative ways to transport goods in the future. “The idea is highlight the most groundbreaking ideas on how to move ag commodities will be moved from farm to market thirty-five years from now,” explained Magnusson.

Magnusson said the competition is open to all AEM members and employees as well as thought leaders from around the country. To learn more about the IV2050 Challenge and how to submit your proposal, click here.

Learn more about IV2050 by listening to Leif Magnusson’s remarks here: Leif Magnusson Remarks at #RuralSummit

2016 Rural Infrastructure Summit Photo Album

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Case Launches Tool to Support Efficient Crop Production

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Case iHToday’s farmers demand precise equipment that can handle a variety of field conditions and deliver consistent results.  That’s why Case IH has designed a new Nutri-Tiller 955 strip-till applicator to help growers better manage nutrients and conserve soil.

“The Nutri-Tiller 955 delivers the agronomic advantages of conventional tillage, along with the economic and conservation benefits of no-till,” said Dave Long, Case IH seeding equipment and fertilizer applicators marketing manager. “It’s a one-pass seedbed management tool that helps producers efficiently manage time, resources and inputs.”

“With a team of experienced agronomists and engineers, Case IH is regarded as the seedbed expert,” added Long. “The Nutri-Tiller 955 builds on that legacy not only by creating an ideal seedbed, but also by precisely placing nutrients deep in the root zone where growing crops need them — all in a single pass.”

The Nutri-Tiller 955 offers growers:

    • Improved mounting design of the new High-clearance Shank™ for Strip-Till (HCS ST) helps ensure the knife and shank stay aligned for uniform operating depth, precise nutrient placement and pass-to-pass accuracy.
    • New row cleaner effectively moves high levels of crop residue between the rows without gouging or riding on top of residue. Two down-pressure spring settings let producers match aggressiveness to field conditions.
    • The Berm Build’r™ creates a uniform, properly shaped and sized berm. Concave 18-inch notched sealing disks include holes on the disk face to help reduce soil buildup.
    • Rolling-basket options for the Berm Condition’r™ — a concave design for fall use and a flat-bar design for spring use — help put the final touches on the raised strip and finalize the seedbed.

“Minimal shank deflection with the 1¼-inch by 2-inch edge-bent shank, combined with the mount’s holding force, helps the HCS ST maintain a constant depth for uniform berms and accurate nutrient placement,” Long describes..

The new tools comes in 20 feet to 60 feet width with 8, 12, 16 or 24 rows.   With their exclusive welded bridge construction, the 30- and 40- foot versions flex in three places; the 60- foot model flexes in five.  Single-point depth control offers quick, in-field adjustments, easy folding and LED lighting for safety.  The also have a VF radial tire option to improve floatation and reduce compassion.

An optional air packages means the tiller is ready to connect to the Case IH Precision Air 5 series air cart.  The combinations means growers can deep band up to two dry fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia.

Visit your local Case IH dealer or for more information.

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Iowa Farmers Call for Cooperation in Biotech Trade Issues

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Global Agribusiness ForumThe International Maize Alliance (MAIZALL) sent representatives to Sao Paulo, Brazil last month for the 2016 Global Agribusiness Forum.  Pam Johnson, former president of the Nation Corn Growers Association (NCGA), and Julius Schaff, former chair of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) represented Iowa Corn farmers as part of the coalition to address the challenges of innovation and food security.  Both brought their perspective to the biennial MAIZALL conference.

Johnson’s opening remarks highlighted the need for cooperation among farmers to ensure access to tools that provide safe, affordable and sustainably produced food.

“Addressing influential group global leaders at the forefront of global market access issues for biotech crops was powerful,” said Johnson. “MAIZALL works to give U.S. corn farmers that front row access in meeting the global food challenges of our day. With the global population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, farmers in North and South America must understand the need to increase agricultural productivity to meet the unprecedented demand for food and feed. Food security continues to be a priority with more than 800 million people still not having enough food to eat. We know that we are still not where we need to be on basic nutrition … even before we factor in growth. And all of us today must understand that increased trade remains essential to closing the gap.”

Schaaf acted as part of a panel to discuss sustainable food production.  His talk emphasized the need for science-based regulations.

“Meeting this increased global food demand must be accomplished sustainably using less land, energy and water and mitigate the impacts of climate change,” said Schaaf. “In order to accomplish such a task, farmers will need access to agricultural biotechnology. However, regulatory gridlock and lack of consumer understanding of agricultural technologies restrict farmers’ ability to capture the benefits of innovation.”

You can watch a video of Johnson’s remarks here.

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Day One of #FarmProgressShow

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fps-16-groupThe ZimmComm team – with mascot Mini Z – are on the ground at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa ready to begin a full day of learning about the latest in agricultural equipment and technology.

Left to right here we have Energy.AgWired and AgNewsWire editor Joanna Schroeder, me and Chuck (and Mini Z), ZimmComm general manager Clint Underwood, and Precision AgWired editor Kelly Marshall.

So far the weather is good and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be better than the last time the show was in Iowa. If you are at the show, hope to see you – if not, stay tuned here and on for all the latest!

2016 Farm Progress Show Photos

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John Deere Hosts Ag Media at Ankeny Facility

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deere-media-16The day before Farm Progress Show in Iowa, John Deere hosted agricultural media at their Des Moines Works facility in Ankeny, IA for a look at new products. The event kicked off with a plant tour by Rosalind Fox, Factory Manager.  She gave an overview to participants of what to expect, including a chance to view the craftsmanship up close and experience the history of the facility.

The factory is the site of all parts of the production process, including design, prototypes and testing. They are especially proud of their cotton product engineering group; a group that revolutionized the industry with their baler machine in 2009.  While the nearest cotton customer is a state and a half south of Ankey, the location is the site of the knowledge base and machine history.

“What makes our facility so interesting is that we produce a variety of products that cover all parts of the farming cycle for various crops from tilling the land to planting, spraying, providing nutrients to crops and harvesting them with our cotton harvester,” Fox told the media.

You can listen to her remarks here: Rosalind Fox, John Deere, Welcome

More photos and interviews are coming; keep your eye on AgWired and Precision to learn more.

John Deere 2016 Product Reveal Photo Album

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ET Apache Sprayers Get An Upgrade

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ApacheThe Apache sprayers saw some pretty great upgrades in 2016, but they’re not done yet.  The 2017 model offers growers enhanced durability, simpler operation and great precision application to take farming to the next level.

Apache spray booms will now come standard with leak-proof, quick-service Banjo boom manifold fittings, Hypro nozzle bodies and an option for stainless steel boom plumbing.  Both the  90 and 100 foot booms have also been overhauled for strength, increasing their ability to handle tough field conditions.  Apache is also offering a factory-installed 100 foot Pommier aluminum boom, in addition to the 120 and 132 Pommiers, giving growers a lighter weight alternative and greater configuration flexibility.

In-cab sprayer diagnostics are more user-friendly and intuitive. The in-cab display now features a smart diagnostics module that allows the operator to easily diagnose and troubleshoot all key machine systems, including engine and transmission controllers, joystick, display and more, reducing down-time and potential service costs for the operator.

For those looking for state-of-the-art precision performance, the optional new Raven Hawkeye™ Application Control System provides industry-leading precision application, including optional nozzle-bynozzle on/off control based on gps and field maps. A new turn compensation feature reduces over- and under-application of product through turns by maintaining precise application rates based on the amount of area covered by each part of the boom.

Concentrated chemicals can now be mixed with a direct injection system, reducing waste and time.  Operators will also appreciate the smoother ride provided by ZF transmission tuning refinements and the newly designed ladder means better accessibility.

“More and more farmers are starting to pencil out the financial benefits of doing their own application,” said Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies. “As they do, they’re comparing features, ease of use, warranty, durability, cost of operation and return on investment. Because we’re 100 percent focused on self-propelled sprayers, across the board, Apache has the competition beat.”

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Ag Leader Debuts DisplayCast for InCommand

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Ag Leader DisplayBe among the first to see Ag Leader‘s new DisplayCast feature this week at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.  This new upgrade to the InCommand display and AgFiniti cloud-based platform offers the latest in data connectivity and real-time display-to-display communication.

Display information, including maps and guidance lines, synced across field activities increases productivity and immediate decision-making. Sharing data between multiple displays running in the same field, running in different fields, or running across the operation is now seamless.

InCommand displays will share coverage maps for swath control, guidance lines, field summary information, yield and planting maps and more. No matter the season, there is always a short window of time to optimize productivity. Having guidance lines, coverage maps and other valuable decision-making data helps growers run at full speed.

“We understand the urgency when field work needs to be done, so having valuable information available in real-time will seriously increase timeliness and promote collaboration among machines,” said Joe Holoubek, Product Manager, Ag Leader Technology. “Guidance lines from the planting tractor to the sprayer and coverage maps from one combine to another, are only a few examples of how the immediate exchange of data will help growers maximize productivity,” Holoubek added.

This means growers with multiple machines can see exactly what’s happening in each piece of equipment, and sharing from the planter to the combine makes the most of data collection without the hassle of flash drives and desktop software.

“Complete connectivity between the precision tools that make growers more efficient and profitable is our vision, and AgFiniti and InCommand displays are the foundation. The duo has unlimited possibilities, and DisplayCast is just the beginning,” said Holoubek.

The DisplayCast will be available to order in December 2016.

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