A New Look at Corn and Soybean Production

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Mark Seem, AgReliant Genetics; Emerson Nafzinger, Univ. of Ill.; Gary Ury, BASF

Those attending the 2019 American Seed Trade Association CSS & Seed Expo had the opportunity to learn more about modern corn and soybean production from a couple of industry experts.

Retired University of Illinois Extension Agronomist Emerson Nafziger provided some insight on managing today’s more efficient corn hybrids.

“My basic thesis is that hybrids have gotten so much better that it changes what we need to do to optimize the management for them,” said Nafziger.

BASF‘s Greg Ury talked about the critical factors that influence soybean production to help put growers in a position to succeed.

“Planting dates, variety selections, soil fertility – we have to maximize all of those components,” said Ury.

The session was moderated by Mark Seem of AgReliant Genetics.

Listen to Emerson Nafziger’s presentation here: ASTACSS19 Emerson Nafziger – University of Illinois (31:12)

Listen to Greg Ury’s presentation here: ASTACSS19 Greg Ury, BASF (31:12)

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